Kick Abuse during multiplayer

I’m not sure of others have encountered this but the last couple of days I have found myself kicked for no reason at all. Sometimes I’m kicked right after a boss has just went down.

Is this common behavior in borderlands? I’m a new player and this really turns me off.

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Yes. People will kick you after a boss fight so they can keep all the loot to themselves. The general advice is to find friends to play with, and to not play with randoms.


Well that sucks. Thank you for responding. Wish they could add a feature to combat kick abuse such as a party voting system or a penalty tier that increase the kick feature cooldown.

Don’t let this turn you off from Borderlands. There are a lot of nice people who won’t do stuff like that. I personally, if hosting the game, let everyone else take the loot from bosses. If I am in a friends or randoms, depending on the situation, I will take some things.

Well that’s nice to hear. :slight_smile: I may have had a bad streak of bad luck. I may get some hate on this but it would be awesome to have a personal loot system or a need before greed. Greedy people just suck. D:

Random games are always sketchy territory. Stick around here. Check out the online play sub-categories for your platform. There are lots of nice people looking to co op with others and play fair.

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I gave someone one of my all time favorite weapons earlier, trying to help them. They played some more, and then just left. Sad thing is, I would do it again if someone needed help. If you are on PSN add me and I will play some with you: PerfectDisasterM

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I agree, it can sometimes be hit and miss, or you can find people who will help you level up.

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@Kitty_Jo Thank you kindly for the feed back. It’s greatly appreciated and something I will take note.

@PerfectDisasterM My PS4 username is Delsai_ Feel free to add me. :slight_smile: I’m easy to get along with. I usually have my mic off due to having 7yr olf twins running around but I do follow directions.

I can tolerate the twins ^^ but if you would rather have it off, I am alright with that.

Hehe, no worries. I don’t like disturbing other peoples gameplay with my kids being loud. (Or mama yelling at them.) I’ll keep my headset on in the future. Kinda a waste on $100 for a pair of skull candy’s if I aint gonna use it, right? :wink:

These kick abusers are really horrible right now. Every time I joined a session yesterday it was the same thing. All is well until the we get the boss almost dead and then I (and the others on the team) get booted by the host. I could care less about the loot as I have several golden keys. What I care about is the EXP I’m losing out on and my time that is wasted each time this happens. It pretty much makes me want to play The Handsome Collection all by myself. It may take longer that way but at least my time wont be wasted doing the same missions over and over with a group of random players who are so greedy that they feel they must ruin the gaming experience of others to satiate said greed.

Want a solution to this problem Gearbox? Make it to where if more than one player is booted no items will be dropped by enemies for 5 minutes. You could also make it to where they cannot host a room for a few days if they boot people too often.

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That’s why you’re better creating a thread asking for people who want to play. That way, you can lay down an initial set of basic do’s and don’ts to suit yourself. For example, I think it’s only fair after a boss fight for everyone to at least have a look at any good loot, then decide who really needs it. After all, there’s no point in one person being laden down with good gear and legendaries whilst the other(s) are walking around with green pea shooters. This is why it’s sometimes better to play with a mic, not to talk all the time (if that’s what you prefer), but to at least discuss drops and all decide who would benefit from it the most. That’s what separates good players form bad players, not the actual skill level of others.

I’m fairly decent at the game (not great), but give me a group of people that aren’t very good at the game over people who are excellent, but have no desire to think of others.

This just tickles me :smile: I love reading stuff like this. As I too have a little one that runs around the living room chatting away at what only toddlers can understand. LOL Good stuff.

My son actually loves the borderlands 2 intro if you don’t hit A to load the game. it will loop into the intro music. My son dances around the living room during that intro. So cute. I have a mini vault hunter in my house. LOL

Whilst this is lovely, obviously, please don’t necro a thread unless you’ve adding something on-topic, at least.