So I was about to fight the final boss today with 3 randoms. I told them I’d kick and re-invite them once it was down (you know, to make sure they won’t take all the good stuff I could use), I remind them they’ll get back right before I kick them, I do it, but when I try to invite them none of them arrive. At least two of them do respond and I get the idea that they don’t mind me keeping it all, but one of them doesn’t. And now I feel kinda quilty wondering if I realized what I said of if he got pissed right after going back to main menu and immediately turned the console off? :confused:

So do you guys have any opinions about this tactic? Any personal experiences? Feel free to share anything!

That’s just a fair way to threat your coop partners. No different from just kicking them outright since you were planning to leave them just scraps while taking all the good stuff yourself anyway.

Only the good stuff useful to my current character (which right now ended up being a single Spinigun btw)!

That’s not how it translates to other people. There is only one idea which comes in mind when someone kicks you after a boss fight, reinvite or not.

Well maybe I could’ve made it more clear that they’d get their fair share. I did message about it after kicking them tough, and yet none came.

Just don’t kick people please, do farming for gear solo. The problem isn’t ninjalooting, but making other people to feel like they’re beign used instead of leading a fair coop play.

I dont think there is any “fair” way this could come across to anyone.

I say if one wants the extra loot more players bring to a boss drop, then the host should keep all players there at all times.
Make clear your rules though. Host gets first look and first choice. Sure there is risk there, but it makes you look a hell of a lot better compared to you kicking right after the fight.
If someone starts sucking up loot, well, now you know not to play with them again.

If someone did that to me, i wouldnt be inclined to return either. Whether given your reason or not. It just dosnt come across as very trusting.


I agree with those who say this doesn’t seem fair. If I joined a game where the host said I’d be kicked off after all the hard work had been done my immediate assumption would be that (s)he was planning to keep the loot. Just as you don’t know them enough to trust them, they won’t know you enough to trust you. For all they know you could be keeping all the good stuff and giving them the dross, even though they helped you get it.

This is one reason why I’m reluctant to play with randoms. I hear so many stories of people ninja-looting and that would really piss me off if it happened to me. I’m more than happy to share stuff and I don’t always need first pick, but I doubt I’d hang around if I thought I was just being used and abused.

It’s good IMO that you tell them the ground rules, but it does sound as though they didn’t quite understand you.

To be honest I would’ve quit the game to join other hosts as soon as I recieved the message.

Taking selection bias into consideration, due to time zones and general avaliability of play times I played the majority of times with randoms and I rarely got kicked from the game after a boss kill or had ninja-looters, the few times I did it was actually the host kicking other players to prevent ninja-looting being himself the ninja-looter…

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Epic fail, 0/10 would not rejoin.

I agree with what kitty said. I wouldn’t play with a person who kicked me for lol when I helped them beat the boss.

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If you don’t want ninja looters, don’t invite randoms. If you do invite them, live with the potential consequences, especially if they help you take down a raid boss.

I’m probably an exception to this behavior, but my personal rule is that the host always has dibs on the loot, so I wouldn’t care if I was kicked. I’d appreciate a heads up that I was going to get the boot upon completion, mostly so wouldn’t be concerned about networking issues. That said, I do think most people would take issue with this, unless you were very clear about it. Very clear. Like you’re going to mail them a legal disclaimer in a self-addressed, stamped envelope that they have to sign and return, and even then… people are funny. If you’re worried about offending them, brace yourself.

I prefer an algorithm for loot preference based on whoever has the highest immediate use for it.

1 - Legendary Sniper com dropped: preference goes to the player logged with an Assassin char.
1.1 - More than one Assassin ingame: preference to Sniper-built Assassins.
1.1.1 - More than one Sniper-Assassin during the drop: whoever has the worst gear.

2 - No Assassin during the drop: same algorithm as above except for players with Assassin chars not currently logged.

If you want me to help you kill a raid boss for the loot and you’re the host, just tell me you get first dibs- that I wouldn’t mind. But kicking me out rather than trusting me to lay off and let you have your pick? You’d never get my help again, I can assure you…


People do NOT enjoy being treated like potential criminals… period. It’s a slap to one’s personal dignity & integrity, as well as sending the CLEAR message that some randomized junk drop is far more valuable to you than whatever contributions they just gave to get to that point. You could explain your reasons 20 times in 20 different ways and it won’t make a bit of difference. It’s only loot… it happens, and it’ll happen again.


At this point I’d like to point out that this was the first time I’ve done this, and that I wasn’t planning on doing it with anything else than final bosses. Usually I accept the risk that randoms might take an occasional good weapon despite me wanting to check it out first. I can always kick them afterwards. However with these big Blue and Purple Glimmering with a Tint of Orange-lootsplosions, and four strangers with no attachment to one another… Well I’ve been taken advantage of my generosity before. And despite all your criticism I ain’t, with all due respect, planning to get fooled again. This is the best compromise I could come up with!

I gotta say, I have a lvl 50 assassin and I didn’t get ent of the chests after I teleported to Marcus’s vault or the chests in the crimson raider base on normal and vault hunter, but I’m damn sure I’ll be getting all of them in uvh

@Jubamon: IMO, letting the host have first pickings of any red-text or E-Tech gear is common courtesy.