Kicked by Recursion Amara. Again

You’re 110% correct Sir. I’m a gamer over 30 myself, and it’s just the type of kiddie gamers you mentioned that keep me from rejoining Xbox Live and/or Playstation Plus. I’d much rather play alone due to bad experiences…it stinks being into Nerd Culture and realizing it can contain some of the most ‘Toxic’ (God I hate that term) people around…

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I agree, but one should be able to rate the experience with the player and at some point all the bad/toxic players should be in grouped together. Some games do this already. Then people like you can play with others like you, a win- win.

Yeah, I don’t see how this is something you should expect Gearbox to fix.

Gearbox doesn’t choose who becomes the host of a co-op game. Sometimes you get a bad host, and it sucks. But there’s no way to really fix that. It’s a valid gripe but not a legitimate complaint because jerks playing the game aren’t something Gearbox can control.

And nerfing Amara won’t change someone’s crappy personality, my guy. Does she need a nerf? Dunno, probably; haven’t tried her. But nerfing her isn’t gonna make the dicks who play the game magically disappear.

When playing online, you’re going into it knowing there’s a chance that you’re gonna have bad squad mates. That’s just how online works.


This and other issues have made me move on. There are other games. Now just having to kill a few minutes waiting, I decided to check the BL boards, and I see that there is no need to nother. Sad, as I bought the full season pass.

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Theres literally a video in the opening post showing him getting kicked with the “group leader has removed you” message.


50 second video - not hard to check


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I can’t believe anyone actually thinks like this. Nobody has a choice in who the host is… there is no way some random jerk should be making the rules.


This kind of toxic host behavior exist in many games. Not just this alone. For example they’re many people who gets kick in the final end heist in Payday 2 because the host felt like being a dick.

All I can say to OP/TC is find a group on here. Toxic people don’t usually hang out on here

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Based on the way it appears to me to work, the host has chosen to be the host and has left their game open for anyone to join. Regardless, it’s their game instance (quest lines, progression, etc.) and thus should remain entirely under their control.

It doesn’t have anything to do with leaving your game instance open for people to join. You can randomly join matchmaking from the title menu and be selected as the host… it happens to me all the time. The game selects you as the host. You are being thrown in with a group of people and one becomes the host. I’m guessing you leaving your game open to the public and have had the game matchmake people with you and you feel like this gives you some type of entitlement to be in charge… but that’s not how it normally even works… most people are just joining in through the game’s matchmaking.

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Under these circumstances, I believe the player with the fastest connection is the host. The only way to guarantee being host is to play and either let people join you or invite friends in (ie not through matchmaking)

Bad player lobbies + a dunce cap? This works in other games because they have servers and send you to said server if your reported as a bad blayer; with borderlands its basically p2p based, the only “servers” are the hosts own connection so it wont work here

I think that’s how it is supposed to work. I have a decent connection, so I sometimes get selected as host, but last week I had a couple people complaining about lag… so, sometimes the game does pick a less than ideal host for whatever reason… or perhaps there are other factors involved.

Like I said: Regardless, it’s the host’s game instance (quest lines, progression, etc.) and thus should remain entirely under their control. It doesn’t matter if they’re a jerk who kicks you because your mother is a hamster and your father smells of elderberries. It’s the host’s game, and they should have control.

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This is probably not the answer you want, but it might be a good idea to just solo the td on a lower difficulty. It’s slower for sure, but you can still get the loot.

We all know their logic is busted. Why are people matchmaking for content they can clearly solo? It’s the lazy god syndrome.

“I could thanos snap the world, but I don’t feel like it today.”
:joy: gtfoh.

Laziness, lack of confidence, etc. It doesn’t matter. They did you a favor.

i wish there was an option to choose to host the game in matchmaking, it would be so much easier.

Go to setting , open to public , then youre the host.


that’s the settings i run anyway, not that easy.