Kicked for inactivity in less then 5 minutes (single player/private)

I suffer from motion sickness and Battleborn is no exception, when I play this game I have to practically sit across the room as far away from the TV as possible. Earlier, I was playing single player, alone. I had to pause the game because I was worried about being sick, I was fine this time and only away for about a minute and a half. I was about to be at ISAC. Playing alone this mission takes about 50-ish minutes. I come back and it says I was kicked from inactivity. From my own private game. I wasted all that time. This feature is absolutely stupid, in single/private games. It’s fine in public but private, really? At least make the timer longer or something. Personally I feel it should not be in single player or private at all.

Sorry to rant but it’s not like I have infinite time to play, etc. Also, I play on the Xbox One, if that matters.


That’s rather odd. I went away from the game quite a few times in private story missions while I was playing alone and never got kicked nor was I prompted to take any action with a threat of a kick. In fact, Monday was the latest time that I’d done that and nothing of the sort popped up.

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Unless they changed something it takes around 5 minutes to be prompted to be kicked and then another 5 minutes after the prompt. A lot longer than 1.5 minutes…

I’m not aware if this happens in single player but I do know it doesn’t happen in a solo botmatch. If it does happen in SP then yea, it shouldn’t.

EDIT: did you start a private single player game or did you search and it couldn’t find anyone so it put you in solo. If you were searching then I’m not sure that totally counts as a solo match.

I’ve paused to cook and eat dinner before (20-30 mins) and never got timed out…

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I picked story mode, private match, no matchmaking. I’ve been kicked twice and about a week ago it happened as well. I know for sure it was no longer then 2 minutes before I was kicked because I was worried about it happening since it’s done this before.

Yeah, strange. Couple of weeks ago in private single player mission I was away for 40 minutes straight and got no disconnect. I’m on PC.

you know you can pause the game? I never get kicked if I pause it. This only works when you are alone, no splitscreen.

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I did have the game paused.

Hmm that is annoying. They should have a look at that.

It definitely needs to be gone from private matches, but doesn’t it take like 2 minutes before the inactivity warning and another 2-5 before it actually kicks you?

From what I’ve seen it takes around 20 mins to get kicked for being inactive

Odd some of you are taking so long to get kicked.
Granted I only play Advanced Story mode when I go make some Genmaicha it takes me 5 mins and I do get kicked.
I always do it when the team has time for my absence, Helio for example on Advanced can take over 70 min and I need my tea!

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Ohhhhhhh now I need tea^^

Its strange, on XB1 it takes about 15 minutes to get kicked O.O We needed to catch our cat sometimes when it goes wild during a mission and always could rejoin in the mission.

You are sooo kool :smile:

Nothing odd when you have no team.

Odd is that somebody still gets disconnected from private single player missions. There’s absolutely no point in that. And it looks like other platforms have different settings for DC.


… seriously though, I’m empty. :frowning:

Back to OP, super odd. Are you sure it was inactivity or just bad luck, and the servers went offline while you were away? I frequently take large pauses too to check on the forums, or internet, or prepare my food, and I’ve never been kicked because of inactivity, on Steam. Super weird. And you couldn’t rejoin either ? If so, I’d definitely vote for some kind of connection issue with the servers, it often seems to entirely kill the whole session :confused:

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Are you even able to reconnect to a single player game?

Yeah, but it heavily depends on the mission.
I’d say it mostly doesn’t work but I’ve been able to rejoin a few of my own solo sessions. I guess missions like Algorithm, Void’s Edge, Old Sentinel are better candidate, just because of the lack of timed objectives ?

Yes, I’m sure it was inactivity, it’s happened a total of 3 times now, my game was paused. I am not able to rejoin either.

If you think about it, it just doesn’t make sense to have it in single player/private. But that’s just me I guess.

I didn’t even know you could get kicked from single player when its paused i’ve left it for 30 40 minutes before and never even seen the inactive message