Kicked from match before being taken to the rewards screen

So at around 12:34 I was kicked from a match after taking down the last sentry and then immediately following that I was kicked to the title screen with the error “Failed to refresh playlist data” and now when I go back to my match history the game doesn’t even show up.

Had similar situation, have you played another match yet? Somehow it counted everything once I played another match.

I haven’t had a chance to play another match since I had to leave for work, but when I tried to sign back in it gave me the “Battleborn servers are unavailable”. I loaded the beta up again and checked my match history only to see it wasn’t there. I’ll try logging on tonight and see if that fixes it.

I heard there’s some server maintenance going on. But once again same thing happened to me the other day on PS4, hopefully you will get same results!