Kicking off Week 2 of the Borderlands' 10-Year Anniversary Event!

Man, the Troopers are worse than IndoTyrant for me, if that’s even possible. No legendaries here either. At least I was getting the occasional one from Dino (even though thats not what I was farming with him).

Im not saying multiple can drop im just saying if more legendaries drop at higher difficulties that means each one of those legendaries has a chance of being the item you are trying to farm for, technically speaking meaning it does in fact have a higher chance due to 5 legendaries dropping instead of 1. Only 1 item trying to roll said item vs 5 items possibly being able to roll said item technically speaking does in fact give it a higher chance of dropping due to the legendaries dropping being 5 times more than another difficulty. Does that make sense? I’m just saying in technical terms a higher difficulty dropping more legendaries should technically mean a higher chance of you getting the item you are farming for. Think you misunderstood my comment at least if you were in fact talking to me at any point about that subject. if I’m wrong then i’m wrong but it’s just what i assumed just like any other game with rng loot involved, you know the whole dice deal.

Although… I did manage to get a Dahl Operative anointed sniper with a value of 611. Anyone looking for a decent rad sniper rifle for Zane.

Well that enough farming this weeks “lootsplosion” wonder when these guys going to realize noone wants to eat 5 + loading screens for 1 legendary. Be different if that legendary wasn’t trash 99 out of 100 times too.
On the plus side we made it a whole week without a nerf atleast thats something new.



Talk about the game and not each other.

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Had some spare time so I farmed red jabber for a hex, ran it over 50 times. Only 4 legendary drops from him

Stormfront, red queen, quasar, and transfusion

Thought it was increased chance?

Had one run with about 11 badasses all in a pack.

That was fun…


Mother of Grogans seems to not be working 10+ kills and zero artifacts (TVHM:M3).

Literally finding more legendaries on things that are not the mobs we are supposed to be farming. Most of the legendaries I am finding and getting from this “event” are NOT from the named mobs, but containers in the areas around the named mobs, or from random mobs near the area. One of the two class mods I “farmed” came from 15 minutes of playing the three slots for cash in Moxxie’s on Sanctuary during the 15 or so hours I spent farming Katagawa Jr. The single legendary grenade mod I have was from a poop pile I looted after killing Red Jaber. Red Jabber so far has only dropped a single green item after being killed. All legendaries from farming him have been a result of other random mobs near him or containers. The Conference Call I farmed while killing Katagawa Jr. came from the silver chest at the beginning of the office. Less than a tenth of anything keep-able, much less legendary has been a direct drop from a boss fight.

If people are less distractable than I am, and far more goal oriented and focused it’s probable they are missing the majority of usable loot that could be farmed.

As a note: all my farming has been on normal, solo, MM3 as I’ve not completed my second playthrough yet (and seldom group). I have a single purple mod I run that grants +10 luck. No other luck modifiers.

Twitter/reddit seems to be echoing our issues with this weeks event.

Working on Red Jabber now. 100% spawn. No legendaries of any type as of yet in 30 runs. I am getting them from the thieving jabbers nearby though.

I have teamed up with 3 other vault hunters, so our combined luck relics, luck Guardian ranks, and rng seem to not be helping make this much better.

Again, TVHM M3.


Those thieving jabbers are monkeys with barrels, (as opposed to being a barrel of monkeys), but the cash and drops from them are almost the best part of farming Red Jabber so far. Other than the occasional legendary popping out of a pile of poop…

This weekly stuff reminds me of an mmo lol

For those having issues with the Mother of Grogans spawn, just stand in the room til they spawn. A friend has had a few instances where they don’t spawn right away (2 minutes after being in the room) but they do spawn.

I thought I would pass that along.

Got a few artifacts to drop from Mother of Grogans… but the drop rate is pretty meh. Graveward is quicker to kill, easier to get to, you have access to a vending machine, and drops artifacts at a similar rate, even with the horrible online drop rates.

update: storm troopers farm for 3 hours mayhem 3, a run was around a minute to finish and restart, so give or take 180 runs and found 20 legendary class mods, 15 were for other vault hunters and not my own, odd should I not get more mods for my class instead or is random, I dont even own the other 3 vault hunters

now im farming mother of gorgons, now things start to get weird cos I farmed here exactly when event started and it dropped like 1 relic every 3 kill, now it drops 1 every 20 kills

something is fishy here, am I the only one who thinks drop rate was really good in first hour when event started and than later something changed ?

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I think I am at the point after attempting to farm each where I am just gonna abandon the event to go back to Graveward farm. I get they want people to not farm him as much but he is just the better farm spot atm. Over the 12 hours I have spent today farming, I have gotten more loot from Graveward than the event spawns. The same could be said for last weeks boss spawn. This is TVHM M3, which is mildly disappointing overall. I came away with only one item I actually wanted all day, Honor Guard Enhanced Blood Letter for Moze, which I honestly wasn’t trying to farm as I have been playing Zane all day. That’s one good reward out of 20 legendaries total, and countless hours wasted getting nothing from the spawns.

If they decide to fix this event, I might come back to it but atm its just too buggy and not a good way to spend time if you are looking to gear before the halloween event.

At the end of the day, its all about the build and people want to get to it the fastest they can. This event, both this week and last week, is not a viable way to do so.

I would invite GBX to look at the communities thoughts on these events and their feedback. We don’t want the loot handed to us; we just want our time spent to be rewarded in the end. The current “world loot” model and loot events like these aren’t really helping. Again, I get that this is a “FREE” event but the model should be evaluated and they should work toward making the next event be better because if it is anything like this one, a lot of people won’t be bothering with it.

Again, biggest suggestion I have is to remove the “world loot” drop table and do back to the BL2 method of every drop being tied to its own individual spawn. As it currently stands, we vault hunters are fighting very hard odds to get what we need to survive in end-game. This would help the game be more playable in the long run.

TL;DR: Just farm Grave over the event spawns.


I can agree with the last point. I was having much better luck before someone mentioned something about them changing the hotfix time to 3 pm PDT. After that time frame past, the loot drops got worse and worse for me and my group that I play with.

Most of the legendaries I got was the first hour (I got 19 the first hour). I have only gotten one since. This is over several hours and over 100 attempts at each of the rare spawns.

Such a shame too I’ve killed Graveward like 400 times if not more and I’ve never gotten a hex and as much as I hate the drop chance of this event atm I’ve managed to get two hex today so I’m torn on whether to keep farming for my hex grenades or go back to graveward because i know for a fact this events loot drop chance seems buggy.

Projectile has pretty hefty bullet drop. Damage on it seems pretty variable, seen it go up to 1M (on a Ties that Bind Amara so the shared damage on that was just silly) and hundreds of k occasionally. But more often it’s around the mid-teen k. Not really sure on all the modifiers that stacked up for that mega hit.

Also it’s hidden on that one but it has shield (like all Hyperion weapons) and bullet reflect on shield.

because it shoots a crossbow arrow and not a bullet, thats why the projectiles are meh