Kicking off Week 2 of the Borderlands' 10-Year Anniversary Event!

Rare spawns? Are these some kind of Loot midget impersonators who drop cash on hit and dissapear in walls or the dudes from posters who require breain treatment with lead?

I’m farming them now. Ran it 12 times and got one mod.

Not too bad.

do the specific drops have increased chance with mayhem 3? Or is mayhem 1 enough (on normal mode) to get the specific drops for the event ?

12 times is not enough to make a idea of the drop rate. you need to kill them at least 100 times

Farming a single rare spawn boss 100+ times for a chance at a specific drop you may or may not get sounds fun. Especially considering the number of available minibosess guaranteed to spawn during the limited time event. So if I want a chance at getting all the rare spawns drops that means 1,400+ runs? In a weeks time? And I’m pretty sure there’s some kind of cooldown for a certain area. Because after about 57ish runs I stopped seeing any good loot.

It was not due to RNG I could tell an immediate difference in drops after the first 8 runs. It was raining legendaries (from badasses not the rare spawn). Then it slowed down and only started seeing blues and purples. Now it’s a mix of everything except legendary.

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Normal mayhem 1 will work. You have to have at least 1 level of mayhem activated for 2 of the rare drops. I had great luck on normal mayhem 1.

The loot and drop issues in this game at honestly just dumb. I am a huge borderlands fan since day one, so don’t think i like the idea of ever Sh*tting on this game. But I have to say I agree with those points. In BL2 I will be honest the drop rates sucked. If you wanted certain elements, weapon parts, whatever it was, forget it! You could sit there for MONTHS! and yes months, because I did, for many items, many times, and played BL2 literally up until the release of BL3 practically, and some items? I never got. I had to finally say SCREW it, and find “other ways” to get the items I wanted. I’m sorry, I don’t care what anyone says, months? thousands of runs? that’s just overkill man. Farming is one thing, ridiculous is another. Some people never got those items, EVER. That shouldn’t be like that. Games are for fun and I don’t know who thinks that’s fun? The only thing in BL2 that was better was obviously the name locations for specific loot. You knew where to go. So at least if you wanted to farm for a week you knew you were farming the right guy! But the drop rates have to be user friendly for the whole community. Not just these “badass” players that say “yeah man that’s just how its supposed to be, we like farming for 10 years and never getting a perfect item so we want drop rates super low” I mean that is just dumb. Most people will just say screw it and put the game on a shelf, OR they find “other ways” which makes them get it not legit. Why not just make everyone happy? Tune the drops, don’t tune them super low and not super high, just find a nice sweet spot. I don’t think that is a big deal. But the loot pools and rates in BL3? they suck dude. They need work. I don’t want to farm the same boss over and over 3000 times, its just dumb.

**Dynzo. My bad, I did not mean to reply to you specifically at all LOL!


I personally have just gone back to farming Grave. This event should have been great but this and last week have been a letdown.

I did 100 runs yesterday of each of the rare spawns. 100% spawn, prob 5% loot drops on TVHM M3. It was horrid. I am not optimistic for the rest of the event. And if what people are saying about lower difficulties having better loot, like how does that even make sense GBX?

Lucky you, in 20 runs I’ve got one purple gun as a drop from them, I’ve actually got 2 legendaries from the chest next to them though…

Been 2 hrs since me last post. Farmed almost the whole time. Maybe 20 minutes worth of stopping.

I got about 10 mods

It’s working. Also got legendaries out of chests but they were not anything I needed

  • RakkmanNight Flyer , Legendary Pistol
  • The UnstoppableBand of Sytorak , Legendary Shield
  • MaxitrillionThe Horizon , Legendary Shotgun
  • Borman NatesPsycho Stabber , Legendary Pistol
  • Urist McEnforcerMasterwork Crossbow , Legendary Sniper Rifle

These ones seem to drop their weapon/shield at a pretty reasonable rate and I was able to farm an anointed version without too much trouble, except for Night Flyer, because of the long journey back each try and Rakkman being a CC immune bulletspounge. Hive and Red Line are both in the world pool and seem to drop at a much lower rate, picking up a few isn’t too bad but an anointed version would be pretty painful. The other stuff, I doubt they are any better than Graveward farming.

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Mayhem 1 is the charm 🤦 mayhem 3 gave me 0 legendaries in 50 kills

M1 gave me 1 legi every 1-3 kills

I went back to normal mode bc Im not done TVHM, put it on Mayhem 2 I think. Went to get Its Piss, they dropped a Firestorm the first time, went back and it dropped, went to the Force Troopers and got a Zane legendary class mod, went to Mother of Dragons and got a Wagon Wheel instead of an artifact, went to Splinterlands, nothing from Tarantella, nothing from Road Dog, but got a Conference Call out of a white chest. Even w/o doing M3 farming they’re dropping stuff, but I’m not sure if these events are geared towards the ppl who load the game and farm Graveward for hours looking for the exact anointed modifier they want on every piece of gear. You get a better chance for unique drops but that’s about it, it’s not gonna be super efficient.

Yeah I’ve been noticing the same thing. Mayhem 1 is dropping legendaries more often it feels like to me. But i mean… it could all just be RNG. It probably is actually. But it’s a hell of a lot easier to maneuver while in mayhem 1 vs mayhem 3

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I got a bunch of class mods from the troopers, 2 horizon’s from max in 5 tries, a double penetrating from road dog on my second attempt. Red jabber sucked but I did get mods, just not the ones I was after. Grabbed a compressed thunderball out of a chest which I love to rip shields amd an anointed rowans from the troopers as well.

I get artifacts like tic tacs from my girl tyreen so I have no need to visit the Mother.

Gonna continue to work myself down the list for rest of the night for loot I am interested in.

For me, it hasnt been terrible.

I’m on mayhem 3 normal

Am I the only one who only just found out you can kill the mother in one hit by just meleeing her?

you know as some other guy said, I also found more legendary items in chest nearby than the event spawn hahaha

Look as of right now I completely hate this game. I haven’t regretted buying a game more than I regret this one and I bought destiny 2 and assassins creed unity. I got some enjoyment out of both of those but this one is just cancer. Drops rates are abysmal the mayhem modifiers are garbage. I should never ever everrrrr get 220% in negatives against my main weapon. That is idiotic it’s insane it’s stupid and it happens all the god damn time. It is either that or 70% negative health and shield recharge while enemies get 2 shots per shot and 30% damage reflected back at me.

I’ve killed mother of krogans like 30+ times one miserable drop. These are not events these are torcher sessions. Congrats on making one of the worst games I have ever played.

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I didn’t know this - I haven’t actually finished game of thrones yet but apparently meleeing her is some kind of reference to something that happens in the show.

yea and funny thing is you can 1 shot her with face puncher also, this way you can insta kill her from distance and fast relog if nothing drops, most likely will get nerfed, but even so its not worth to farm it, graveward still better