Kicking off Week 2 of the Borderlands' 10-Year Anniversary Event!

Something is weird with drop rate, if not wrong…

20 Force Troopers runs = 1 mod drop Oo
30ish Mother of dragons runs = 12ish artifact drops, it basically felt like 1 drop every 2 kills.

I wonder if their drop rates are just glitched with certain spawns.


Had 100% spawn rate and about a 90% drop rate all night. The going was good.

are there any save points near rakkman ?

Just did 100 Mother of Grogans runs to get an idea of drop rate and 13 drops. So 13% of that sample, on TVHM:M3 with Loaded Dice. Seriously, that’s not ok. It’s not event, it’s a troll. It’s bait to waste time. The pool of traits on artifacts is so big, and so few of them are actually useful that you need to farm a butt load to get anything actually good. In fact some traits cancel others out (eg. Last Stand Deathless, which appropriately was drop no. 13). Looter shooters are a whole lot less fun when you never get anything that’s actually loot, as opposed to trash with an orrange glow.


Definitely assume you mean one of the specific rares not the random ones. Which one did you farm and what specifically were you looking for?

It’s kinda a spoiler

One thing to be understood with drops in a borderlands game. Luck will not be on your side somedays. If you’re having poor luck on one boss switch it up and if the same happens maybe doing something else that day and try farming again the next.


Does anyone know what cosmetics IndoTyrant drops? Is it just a single cosmetic or are there multiple different cosmetics to acquire?

Rng is rng. Be careful of confirmation bias, as it can ■■■■ with your headpiece.

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From what I have seen, he has horrid drop rates so I assume he is got all of the world loot customization attached. I really wouldn’t know cause he barely drops anything for me other than ■■■■■■ guns

Yeah I’m seeing the same thing. Borman Nates drops 30% of the time (43 runs) while the Demoskaggons only 13% (29 runs). As if only some of the rare spawns have this increased drop rate.

The Demoskaggons could only world drop legendary shields before, so Borman Nates very likely had a higher drop rate to begin with.

there must be a hidden cooldown, I tested this pattern of farming like 100 times troopers and mother of gorgons, like first 30 runs it will drop and the last 70 nothing, if I switch maps more often between the rare spawns I get more drops, maybe its RNG maybe its not, it works for me I do that now and its working much better than staying for hours on same spot.

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Went down the list then went back to get better gear from Borman Nates, Rakkman, that guy that drops the Crossbow (which I’m still farming), and two more that I can’t remember because it’s too early in the morning and I can’t brain goodly.

EDIT: but, to add, I don’t have that high a drop from anyone that drops a random legendary. This is only specific drops.

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It was opposite for me, I got nothing from her but the troopers showed me some love.

There are way to many farming for perfect gear that will become useless when level cap hits, so how I see this event is here to introduce rare enemy spawns for future.
Ppl enjoy game it’s way to early for perfect class mode, perfect anointed gear.

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Class mods will still be somewhat relevant if the have good percent bonuses. But for everything else yea they will have to be refarmed. It doesnt seem like a level cap increase will come with the first dlc anyways but that’s speculation