Kicking off Week 2 of the Borderlands' 10-Year Anniversary Event!

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I’ve had great luck with Jabber and he dropped a couple of Hexes and a Quaser for me last night. Force Troopers, on the other hand, won’t give me a break. Dozens of runs and only 1 legendary mod for a diff character. Ugh.

Boy, wish I had your luck. I’m assuming you weren’t keeping much track of your kills since you didn’t mention it so how often were you getting grenades from Jabber? Not what you got but how often because you could’ve just gotten lucky with those hexes I suppose. I’d like to know how often you were getting one because for me my rate was about 1 in every 15-20 kills and its still been that way and haven’t tried since day 2 of this event because it’s not worth it at the rate I was getting them at.

I wasn’t keeping track, but I’d guess 1 out of 5-7, no worse than 1 out of 10. He also dropped a Nagata in the same session yesterday. Prior night he dropped 4 other ones including the Red Queen and Epicenter.

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Yeah, might have to give it another try I suppose. You know if they updated or anything? Quite literally haven’t been playing because the drops feel like im playing World of Warcraft again farming a 1% legendary once a week.

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I think this may have already been asked, but I am not sure if there was a definitive answer.

Do the drops and spawns only affect the list BL3 put out this week? has anyone tested any other spawn enemies to see if they are increased at all as well?

Is there any point in even trying these events bofore lvl 50 and with mayhem/tvhm? Ive farmed a little bit and they never drop anything good :disappointed:

It should just be rare spawns and not map specific spawns like hammerlocks or zeros hunts

sigh I just spent the last 4 hours farming Red Jabber… And not one single grenade dropped :sob: my luck sucks, RNGesus hates me :cry:

Gotcha. You’re totally right. I think I got confused for a second and confused a couple of the other enemies. :slight_smile:

Drop rates are atrocious. Yes red jabber is there every time but I killed him 25 times and not one mod.

Graveward is more efficent. Bad event Gearbox!

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Why is everyone under the impression that the power troopers are part of the event when the official post about the adjusted enemies doesn’t mention them at all?

Points at avatar. All ur posts are cute animal picks.


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You’ll see.


You will see…

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Could everyone post if you are farming on tvhm or mayhem 1, 2, 3 or both?

Personally i got more luck un mayhem 1 than 3.

In M3 i could go 20+ kills without a legendary while M1 i get a legendary every 2-4 kills.

To bad i don’t have to much time or willing ti (after the recent nerf) feels like what is the point if tomorrow everything might get nerfed again.

When the game gets stability i might religiously farm.

Theres no real point to farming guns/grenades right now. I would just stick to farming (and hoarding) class mods / artifacts

Do the power troopers drop purple class mods ?

This is a really good opportunity to get a “perfect” Unleash the Dragon. Drop rate isn’t as good as some items but only limited number of possible traits on it so getting the two you want with the 100% spawn rate is pretty comparable to farming any normally. +Melee Damage, +Incendiary Damage are the two to go for IMO.

Is anyone having issues getting Mother of Grogans to drop a legendary, or is it just me? I’m playing in TVHM in Mayhem 3, have killed her 15+ times and she’s only dropped a few blues and purples. Not a single legendary anything!!!

Yes they drop purples. I’ve gotten a few and only a single legendary class mod in about 30 runs.

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