Kicking off Week 2 of the Borderlands' 10-Year Anniversary Event!

Getting real freaking tired of fighting the game on something as simple as NOT KNOWING if a hotfix is applied or not. This whole “wait for a while” thing is insulting. Give us a freaking indicator at the home screen, give us a build number in a corner or something other than HOPE AND PRAY! Come on guys it’s 2019 give your players some information man. This would lead to a lot less frustration and forum posts of things not working properly.


They are implementing a status icon at menu to inform you of hot fix downloads.


THANK THE GODS! It’s completely overdue.

Wait until it happens before getting excited :slight_smile:

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The micropatch is still rolling out. If you’re not seeing it as active yet, it’s still on it’s way to you!


will it work offline once applied?

Thanks for the fast responses and taking the time to look into it.

they usually wait until 3pm or 4pm eastern US time

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Well it was supposed to be out an hour ago so.

So they send out in regions? Hmm don’t know about that. Besides it’s a “micro” patch how hard could this be and how long. (That’s what she said)

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I mean honestly even with what Noelle just said makes literally no sense, they gave us a time it should be that time. it being sent out to me and it being on its way? Its not mail its the internet we should all get it at the same time, if not, give the times to each area or some ■■■■ if thats actually the case. Not trying to sound like an ass but kinda like that one guy said, It’s 2019. Small, easy stuff.

Never had the Mother of Grogans spawn and I’ve visited the area on each playthrough (7 times) and another 8 times since this event started. Am I doing something wrong?

Just a friendly suggestion: Perhaps it would be a good idea to include the build number in these updates so that we can keep track of whether or not our client has updated? Or maybe give us a time-stamp in the games version information on the launcher?

Thanks for the quick response and clearing up the confusion, regardless. <3


No. They’ve done something wrong. Their info hasn’t been concise or even correct. I’ve yet to see the micro-patch implemented 1hr+ after it supposedly went live.

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Asking for clarity.

Would think it’s a timer in a program that would send out automatically.
Either way here is another question:
Will you receive the patch while playing or do u need to be at the menu as suggested?

Is El Dragon not supposed to spawn every time or something? I got a notice to go to main menu for an update and he seems to only spawn somewhere between 25 and 50 percent of the time maybe. Still hasn’t dropped anything when he does spawn either heh.


Yeah, what I gathered from the event is that those listed Rare Spawns are supposed to GUARANTEED spawn every time you load up.
At the moment, it’s as if nothing has happened. They spawn whenever they feel like it and drop the same way.

Man, if everything was that easy.

It still has to be rolled out to different regions.


After thinking about it that is how they launched the game with region times and all.