...Kid ultra? 10/10 IGN

Best name ever kid…ultra…amazing…(SARCASTIC)

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Could you please add a bit more content to your discussions original post? The way it is now its not even clear if you´re sarcastic or not…

I´d recommend to take a peek into our Forum Rules in regards of threads & topics.


… Usually signifies sarcasm pretty well also 10/10IGN

thats true, though I use “…” myself often to express a lack of expression :slight_smile:
As for the “10/10IGN” - I had no idea what that should mean. I´m no native english speaker nor a ´specialist for web-memes or general memes, so I had to google that one. (insert facepalm here)

To Kid Ultra: I never came to like MegaMan and I highly doubt GBX will work enough magic to make me like his small brother now. I´m 100% sure its a reference to him, and not the funniest at that.
Puh…I just hope the Jennerit character will fit my taste a bit better.

Don’t knock 'em til you’ve tried 'em.


Yeah, but with character-designs I can be biased quiet fast :sweat_smile: Maybe his kit & skills will be fun, but I´m not impressed by his looks so far. I´m quiet shallow when it comes to videogame chars >.<


That’s how I feel about the tanky looking guys. Then i tried Atticus and fell in love. Not saying I’ll like Kid Ultra - the only supports I’ve liked are Ambra and Alani, and I never spec healing. But give the uglies a chance! You never know, you might like em.

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Pretty sure that’s the point. Like “Ultraman” or “Mega Man” or whatever.

He might also be a bit like Jack from Evolve, who take himself too seriously with his “The Jackal”-thing.

I believe the OP is talking about the gaming website IGN, which tends to give out scores the OP doesn’t agree with; in other words, IGN says it’s great but the OP thinks the name is stupid and IGN is stupid for giving it such a high rating.

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Should add poll to be renamed:

CAPTAIN AWESOME!!! :slight_smile:

I mean… just imagine it as the kid naming himself that.

To look at this from the outside perspective, that OTHER game has characters that scream this of themselves.

Gearbox can surely use one spiffy character in this game that shouts LOOK AT ME! :dukecheese:

His design and name scream “Shoot me!! Shoot me dead!”.

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Apparently he is the third “support”? of the new characters


Like maybe he or she will be the spoiled, bratty, vain, arrogant, crazy, sadistic, violent son or daughter of some rich LLC exec or shareholder or something that wants to don a hyper-advanced suit of LLC made combat armour and go slaughter lowlife hobo scum mercilessly while laughing about it.

Kid Ultra.


I hope he is every bit of this

Me too. I’m hoping it is actually a Magnus, but the idea of turning/loading an actual consciousness into a Magnus would be cool. And thanks @FlamesForAll for giving this thread an actual point. 10/10 would read again.

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I don’t think you understand the IGN reviewing process if Kid Ultra is a 10/10

Clearly it’s a 5/10


Too much kid.

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Maybe it will b like nien nunb from star wars battlefront. As soon as people heard he would be the next hero there was a huge backlash. But actually was pretty fun to play as when released. I still think he was a poor choice but the point is gameplay should be a factor as well.

You don’t like megaman? :cry:

He’s my favourite. :sob: