...Kid ultra? 10/10 IGN

Actually I just dislike the newer series & games… I grew up with the old Anime (the one with that red robot dog :smile: ) and the old games, but what followed just was´nt my thing… Pretty much the same reason why I dislike Sonic nowerdays. Just a clear sign that I get old and grumpy lol


Fair enough, i grew up with Battlenetwork, and it was all I really did since I was an indoorsy kid.

Still love the classic Megaman though, I just like what Battlenetwork tired to do. I just love RPGs as a whole. The potential for story telling is what gets me. That’s why I like Battleborn too, such an interesting world with great potential for a story.

:cold_sweat: Granted, I can love a game based on potential alone.

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I voiced my opinion on the design already. It Is Time For The Art.

That is all.

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Reminds me of Spaceman Spiff or Ace Rimmer.


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Spaceman Spiff? Like from Calvin and Hobbes? Or is there another one, cuz I don’t see the resemblance to THAT spaceman spiff