Kid Ultra Aimbot Stun Has Gotta GO!

Usually stuns take skill in this game, like throwing a shield or bashing someone into a wall but w/ Kid Ultra…

If you go right at 4 and 9 w/ KU then you get an aimbot stun. It takes NO skill to use his aimbot stun and it can stun 3 people + do 559+ damage!

Regardless of whether u think Bola Snare is OP normally, I think this aimbot needs to go as it not only severely lowers the skill ceiling w/ KU but also ruins the fun for the other team since they are stunned and they can’t do anything about it. Well they can kill KU which isn’t a viable excuse b/c a good KU can survive well, especially w/ that 417 instant hp from his ult and since he can stay back and use his Bola at long range.

Solution: Take out the Aimbot skill at lvl 4 and replace it w/ something else plz!


Nah, the bouncing bolas are fine. The fact that it can stun after a bounce and deal full damage after a bounce are what is broken (see Galilea’s bouncing shield augment for some precidence on how they treat bouncing stuns elsewhere), and is much easier to change than a helix overhaul. Reduced damage each bounce, and removal of the stun unless it is on the initial hit (meaning no bounces and no stunning the person behind someone else you stunned), should do the trick. Also a bleed nerf, seeing as how it more than doubles the damage of the skill at level 1.


It works much differently and doesn’t stun after the initial hit.

And what do you see in KU’s kit that justifies those changes you proposed?

There are a couple of broken aspects to KU’s kit, all of which stem from certain helix combos.

The first and most common ones is that you can upgrade Bola so that three are shot (each applying full bleed), they ricochet towards a player after hitting a wall up to three times for full damage, and they can stun multiple players at once, even after a ricochet (also notice what they have done to team stuns in the past, dropping them to 1 second). Combine all that with a skillshot with perfect accuracy and fairly fast travel time, and you’ve got an easy way to stun a couple of players and an entire wave, dealing 300+ damage to everyone along the way. It’s a bit bloated.

The second, less common, and frankly more broken build is going damage buff and quad drones. They stack, providing the wearer (you, for the purposes of this example) with an 81% damage buff. That’s all damage, not just attack damage. That means your single bouncing stunning bleeding bola is good for 700 damage (1k damage if your opponent is near a wall), your primary is good for 200 damage with an AOE as big or bigger than Ernest’s old primary (effortless late-game waveclear in a single mag), and if you stun someone, you can zero them unless they are the tankiest of tanks.

  • Caldarius and WF have the same exact helix options, all of which work the same way in regards to bleeds and DoTs.
  • The stun can’t be reapplied so in regards to the ricochet I’d think people would view it as nothing more than a potential damage up. The base Bola isn’t much of a skill, it’s basically Phoebe’s Blade Rush but balanced around the fact he is a support and not an Assassin.
  • The team stun is also much later than the 2 I think you are referring to, which where unlocked at level 1 and level 5 compared to KU’s level 9. Of which they have reverted the one that’s unlocked at level 1.

The only problem with this one is that it’s viewed within a vacuum. Until someone can prove it is a problem in an actual PUG game, then I’ll continue view it as nothing more than speculation. It’s given such a high number because it is never suppose to be fully achieved. Same thing with Kleese rifts, he is never suppose to be able to comfortable set up all 4, and players are suppose to be smart enough to not walk into a network.

I was more asking what would KU be without the things you proposed for him to not have anymore? He seems to be nothing without his triple piercing stun as it stands now. Without it he has no roll, he simply becomes a much worse version of Ernest. And by level 7 there would be no reason to pick him over Ambra. His weird Ambra, Ernest, Kelvin combo gives him meaning.

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I’d have a lot more issue with the stun if it wasn’t lvl 9. It’s nasty and irritating as all hell, but a number of characters get that way late game. Here’s a couple of examples. Ambra turns into a fireball wizard lvl 7, At lvl 10 Boldur, well, becomes a rolling boulder, Orendi’s lvl 10 mutation turns everything in front of her into shadowfire hell, at lvl 7 Alani can spam her skills nearly non-stop and that includes area heals/slows/grabs/damage amplify/knockback.

See what I’m getting at. Kid Ultra can become a badass late game with a nasty stun, but he’s hardly unique in becoming frightening with focus and a plan.

Caldarius’s bleed is less than a third of Kid Ultra’s. KU’s more than doubles the skill’s damage. Caldy’s doesn’t even come close to comparison.

WF doesn’t have a bleed if you take the triple (and the “bleed” he does have is on a much harder to land skill, doesn’t nearly triple the damage of the skill, and does less damage than advertised because of travel time). Furthermore, his napalm augment is incapable of stacking when multiple stickies are launched at the same location, and is something that can be walked out of (whereas a bleed cannot be avoided).

The stun can’t be reapplied to the same target, but it can be applied to another enemy after ricochet, and it actively seeks said enemy out. You can fairly effortlessly stun three people with one use of the skill. Comparing Bola to Blade Rush is just ludicrous.

It is fairly easy to load yourself up with four damage buffing drones. Unlike Kleese setting up his rifts, the damage buff follows KU around wherever he goes. You can prevent Kleese from setting up a network because he’s setting them up close to the battle, and he can’t move it once started. Kid Ultra can jungle and run shards for a minute with no pressure at all as he sets up his ridiculous damage buff. And once more unlike a rift network, which you can avoid, you can’t just outright avoid a player. If you just flee at the first sight of Kid Ultra, then he’s effectively accomplished his goal anyways.

KU would be a well rounded character with Bola doing reduced damage after a ricochet, not being able to stun past a direct hit, and the bleed not making it do 2.6x damage. It would put him in line with other ranged stuns and other auto-aim ricochets. Same goes with preventing damage buff stacking on drones. Even without all this, he has fantastic waveclear contribution, fire-and-forget healing, and a good escape. He performs well even without the ridiculous stuff you can stack on Bola.

There is a reason I refuse to play Kid Ultra since I’ve mastered him. He’s got just plain broken helix options.


They also aren’t the same character or class. Why does Orendi’s base SFP hit 50% harder than an Ernest Explosive Charge and have no radius fall off? Or why does Caldrius’ primary crit and KU’s doesn’t? You simply can’t compare that kind of stuff in anyway.

And correct me if I’m wrong, but Ambra’s bleed is quiet strong and isn’t it guarantied to reapply?

I was comparing the level one Bola to the level 1 Blade Rush. They both do the same damage, can crit, and can pierce enemies. KU gets a slow and a bleed, and Phoebe gets a silence.

I have no doubt KU can eventually stack 4 drones. But after the 72-54 seconds it takes post achieving level 6 (assuming none of those have died), he then has to take no health damage to make sure the drones don’t expend themselves. And he has to make sure no AoE or direct damage kills his drones as they have their own health bar. Heaven forbid you get near a Shock turret that insta kills them. And it takes that long to achieve that b/c you didn’t take either cooldown helix in order to get the bleed and homing ricochet.

And saying 54 seconds for one goal accomplished is… what? He sets up then insta kills the first person he sees and then rinse-and-repeat after another 54 seconds?

His wave clear isn’t all that great compared to the others I mentioned. Do you personally think his fire-and-forget healing is better than Ambra’s, they’re different but IMO don’t beat Ambra’s. And his escape seems to get him killed more than anything. Once you’ve got that momentum going you’re good, but the 3-4 seconds of being really slow and having to move in a strait line to even get the momentum building just makes you an easy target for hard CC.

If Ambra stunned instead of knocked back at her level 4 mutation, I don’t see how KU would have any place in the roster.

I enjoy KU, but I still don’t see where he fits in the roster. I don’t see any place where he is a better pick than another character.

With regards to the “fire and forget” healing, I’ve had matches where I’ve tossed out a drone every single time the cool down was up and at the end of the game, I’d be about 8k healing, which is AWFUL and makes me feel bad about what I contributed. I’ve never been above 10k healing with him, no matter how hard I try.

This is because only your ult counts towards healing. The drones do not count towards healing statistics, and are not affected by heal power gear.

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Well…that’s odd that the drones don’t count towards healing. I had just read about the gear thing which I think is a bug? Thanks for that info though. Couldn’t understand why my healing was so low. That makes a big difference.

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I feel the exact same way. He doesn’t seem to do any 1 thing particularly well, but he just kind of assists in many roles. A sidekick jack of all trades. He buffs, he hits minions, he heals, he slows, he . . . does some other stuff. He’s like a team utility belt.


I did not know they were not affected by healing. Healing gear removed from loadout, cooldown added.

I wasn’t going to post in this but… your comments on Alani the “grab” has been nerfed in every way
"Damage amp" has been completely removed
"Knockbock" is only a slight knockback
As for “heals” on one skill it’s a very low (and has to stay in the aoe for the duration) the other is a stronger heal but with a 25 sec cooldown so even with the helix it isn’t spammed “constantly”

Alanis main heal does not have a cooldown and potentially very high

I mean, it does have a cooldown. Limited by your accuracy and attack speed (and also the presence of enemies).

Yes that would be her “alt fire” but what was referred to is her skills that have a cooldown

No problem with the post, I didn’t specify what I was talking about I was just using generalizations.

Grab is definitely harder to use, but in addition to grabbing battleborn it also hit bots into the air, slowing their advance. It’s an effect that can be especially useful if you find thralls pushing with a shepherd and need to buy yourself precious seconds.

I don’ knowt what I was thinking of with the damage amp, had an incorrect memory of how Surface Tension worked. My bad.

Knockback may be slight, but by the time she gets to seven its almost always going to go with a slow. The largest slow effect in the game. Two very bad thing to combo for melee and simply and amazing tool for pushing.

The heal on one is definitely low, but has the advantage of hitting everything in it’s path. Damage plus heals especially on two opposing minions waves makes a big advantage of two relatively small numbers.

Maybe using the word spam was a bit much. Increasing her attack sp with gear in combination with the ,5 second decrease level seven gives her some of the biggest lane presence in the game. It’s a constant stream of skills that comes with added cc, on top of healing, and a 30% damage reduction and constant stream of water bolts.

I’m not arguing Alani’s balance (at least not here) merely pointing out an issue I had with the comment :slight_smile:

True, but it is easy to fill it up

I don’t really get why you say you can’t compare these things right after you compare them?

Anyways, you say that they aren’t the same characters or class. Kid Ultra is a support, Caldarius and Whiskey Foxtrot are both characters in a class for damage. More damage than a support is supossed to do. This makes the damage Kid Ultra can do with his Bola even more ridiculous. Something that can easily hit three people should not be able to outdamage skills that are harder to hit 3 people with.