Kid Ultra Analysis - Battleborn


Ha! I called the drones. I had a feeling.
They did say melees would love him. And look, his entire team is melees.
With the charge shot, passive, reflection aoe, ult and drones, we now know basically everything but his talent. Yay.
The reflection catch was brilliant and will yet again make a DLC character drastically alter the game. I am wondering what skills it exactly can catch? It will be interesting. The delay in reciprocation will likely balance it.
Bravo @MentalMars.


This is a game changer.

Oooh new support for me to play, I am looking the likes of that


Will he be the one Dreadwinding? Or will he shoot one? Cuz I don’t like Rath but I am totally willing to Dreadwind as a support

KID ULTRA I LOVE YOU!!! :heart_eyes:

please don’t be OP…

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No nerfs please T_T He’s so cute! My baby can’t handle nerfs!


I can’t wait to play with Dr. Megaman!

Super excited for this one. Support is my favorite and been looking forward to playing a new support.

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