Kid Ultra, Attikus dlc, kill MX Elite with a skill

Guess it’s not possible for KU, right?

Hard as it was I just killed two MX Elite with his bola and neither counted.

I’ll retest later but I’m 90% sure I’ve done this with his bolas. Positive Attikus didn’t steal the kill?

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…Positive, I’ve done each dlc hundreds of times and know how Attikus can mess it up.
Was tricky making sure he was busy before I hurt them enough to let a Bola do the finish.

I’m assuming you tried with the dot on and off. So probably not. Maybe Drone search and destroy?

@epicender584 brings up a good point. Not sure if this is helpful or not, but I always used the dot on Op missions.

So, without the dot it may be impossible for KU to complete that side objective.

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Just did it again, same result, failed both MX Elite.
I used Search and Destroy both times.
What dot?

Also tried…To the rescue, but that just got me bombed.

Level 1 ® Pain Compliance

Edit: That’s frustrating that Search and Destroy doesn’t even work.

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Search and destroy works as an ability, unless you mean does not count with the kill

I think it’s a known bug where some Skill Kills on Attiku’s DLC won’t count as Skill Kills for those side objectives, it’s really annoying. I know it’s not just Kid Ultra but some other characters as well (I heard somebody state Whiskey’s Overdrive didn’t count?).

If you’re replying to me, it doesn’t count as a kill. Sorry for the confusion!

Oh man that is stupid, also Beatrixes don’t work either on the kill

I’m not falling for that. :wink:

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Ugh. Terribly unfortunate

I hope this challenge is fixed so that NPC players can’t screw it up, that non skills don’t complete it and that actual skills DO complete it.


Thanks guys!

In the Toby dlc there are some whack skill things too.
Some , with melee skill kills, don’t count with that characters melee but they do with that characters main, very odd.

…Always have this one in Story mode, until they update KU the other option is mostly useless.

Update: Took 5 runs with KU to get 100 OPs.
That skill challenge for the MX Elite happened 4 times in a row.

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This happened to me for the first time this weekend, as well. I’ve run Toby’s op more than 100 times and haven’t had any hiccups for several dozens of runs, until I revisited it with Caldarius for the first time since I got his two skins. First objective was kill a Ronin with melee. Wasn’t really thinking about it, just quick melee’d one to death and Nova chastised me for not meleeing it… I sat confused for a second and had the thought, “Oh, Caldarius has an energy blade, it probably has to be with that instead of quick melee since he has an actual melee.” So I killed the second Ronin with his energy blade, and that also failed the objective. Which left me with 0 Ronin left. I just scratched my head and restarted and hoped I’d get either the bulwark or elite next time around.

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…Yup, Cald is one where the melee is whack.
I’ve done each dlc at 100 OPs with every charcter, 4 times now.

Now I’m even more confused… I speed run Toby’s Friendship Raid with Caldi for commander packs all the time. (~30 runs with him alone) and I have never had an issue meeleing them with energy blade (and I’m sure I’ve qm’ed at some point too).

What platform are you playing on @matttgoodman ? (I’m on PS4)

PS4 as well