Kid Ultra Builds?

So I feel like I’m landing on 2 possible builds for KU. Lane Pusher and selfish healer.

The lane pusher is built around the helix that changes healbot to an AOE. The build seems enjoyable to me since it’s really gratifying to see my minions outlast the enemy team and/or take down a sentry by my damage amp (passive and helix). It seems to make my incursions feel a bit more like were swarming the enemy which is cool… But I find myself making far fewer kills and dying a good bit more since the healbot doesn’t follow me so if I have to run I only get a quick heal and if I stand to fight the heals aren’t enough to make me survive most of the time. Are there better tactics here?

Selfish healer has me landing more kills (I take the exploding healbot helix which seems to help more than I anticipated) and surviving more since healbot follows me while I’m running. I like this build but I miss the feeling of overwhelming the enemy with bots as I heal them and push the lane…

So basically I’m torn. Does anyone have some insight on how KU might work better in terms of helix choice, tactics, or even loadout (I use health bonus w/slight attack & skill dmg bonus, or shards/sec with reduced buildable cost and shield recharge).

Additionally, I can’t seem to decide which choice is right on the first helix node. The cool down is awesome to get my healbot more often, but I feel like the DOT choice helps me finish guys off as they’re running… anyone got a strong opinion here?

1- right. bleed damage over 2 seconds
2- left. Immediately begin charging shields
3- left. Plus 3 rockets
4- right. Bola snare bounce
5- This one is personal choice for the match
6- left. I like to buff my teammates.
7- left. +18℅ damage
8- choice depending on the match
9- right. 2 second stun is a long time
10- left. Healing is my favorite.

To be fair I do not have the mutations unlocked for rank 9 and 12.

I regularly get 80-90 minion kills a game with very heavy use of the alternate fire that shoots 3 rockets at a time. The alternate fire is extremely effective on stunned battleborn.

Gear load out I like to run heal power/attack damage, reload speed, and a shard generator or whatever your preference.

Also he doesn’t crit so keep that in mind.

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This is my killing build. The healing build for him is obvious

Do u take the AOE helix for healing though?

As you clearly didn’t see (on me as I didn’t clearly state it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:), it’s probably better after you get the lore for directly hitting injured targets. Before shield Coil Module clearly wins

so you’re saying the AOE is better, but you have to use the other one to get the Lore… that’s fine, but I’m more interested in the better build and strategy.

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Yeah, aoe is likely better. It’s always team comp based though. If you have shield or evasion tanks, go module. Otherwise, go aoe

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I only tried the Aoe healing once and if felt like a weaker version of Ambras sunspots that you can’t recharge.

I like the shielding to give my teammates a few extra seconds of safety if they have a shield. If they are constantly being hit it wont do much but if they can get around a corner they will be at full shields in no time and being healed at the same time.

I believe that AOE heal is mostly meant to push lanes. Yea… it can heal allies but it’s better throwing it down on a group of minions to help them push ahead. Think that’s where his “pusher” comes into play. The lv 6 damage amp will also boost the minions damage as well, w/ support network helix you can have many drones out (that’s if you specced w/ cooldown) and have some really serious killer minions on the ground. However right now the bola build is too good to pass up and minions can be too unpredictable sometimes. Third way is to just go full support and damage buff your allies. I ain’t no expert but I believe thats the 3 ways to play him at this time.

The level 1 right bleed makes his R1 among the most damaging level 1 skills in the game.

With the bleed it outdamages shadow fire pillar and adds a slow AND phases through multiple targets.

You can build KU for CC if your team lacks it with the triple bola, bouncing bola and the level 9 stun.

It’s effectively a group stun that can rebound, hit multiple times and apply a sick bleed.

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And if you equip movement speed gear and also pick the lv 7 turbo mode helix you can run around like sonic doing that

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The actual wording of that helix choice is confusing, only works when shields up?

Yea… the wording is confusing. Works when you have shields or over shields (Shepards or Reyna overshield)

His loadout makes a bigger difference than with any other character I’ve played actually. Also, yeah the aoe heals are what gives him the ability to push… I don’t see how he could otherwise. But when I choose the “pusher” build I make way fewer kills, and I die more often. When I go with a single heal build I find myself doing more damage and surviving more often. What’s the best gear loadout for a “pusher” helix? Bc I really like it I just want to survive more and be a bit more lethal with it

Ok I just had a match where I was a lane pusher but performed really well in survivability and kills… strangely my gear buffed neither of those things, it was all cool down, with a touch of shard, buildable cost, and some sprint speed. I feel like it was probably a freak accident though so more testing is needed

My gear for KU has been a shard generator (not free as all negative effects are bad for him), a blue wrench that reduces buildables cost and further reduces it for 30 seconds after buying a buildable and a cooldown reduction gear (I’ve been trying different ones) to keep those drones up and bola’s out.

I feel I’ve had very good success with that loadout as I can level quick, buildables are up to help defence and the pushes and as stated, bola’s for days.

The only downside is how often the team has to hear “I’m helping!”

Good question. I know what helix’s to pick but I haven’t played lane pusher build yet. Just been using bola build to lv him up to 15. The bola build is extremely strong like what others posted and I heard it may be getting a nerf. Right now I go with cooldown + cooldown, movement speed + movement speed, and sprint speed + sprint speed (all secondary stats activate when all skills are on cooldown). So when I get lv 7 (turbo mode), I’m running around w/ 30% + movement speed just bola-ing everyone while providing support, lv 9 is GG. All the extra movement speed makes his ult go faster too.

With lane pusher build I would think you would want reload speed, attack damage and maybe skill damage or attack speed so this way you can keep your passive up to heal your minions with the level 5 Right Nanomites helix.

Ok so my build seems to be working decently… the focus on cooldown allows me to spec my helix for damage on the bola side of things… the only unsure thing now is whether the “split bola” helix mutation is more worth it than damage amplification… I know he has a natural damage amplification aoe for assists, but that added amp on my minions let’s them push a bit harder, and I can feel that difference… the split bola is nice because it means it lands more often if the target is slippery, but it means unless I land the majority of them bolas doing slightly less damage too… which is clearly a trade off in the use of bola itself even if I’m not counting the fact that I miss out on the damage amp helix. I’ve heard people swear by both… any insight here? How does the split bola stack with the other helix options… is it a skill that’s nice but wouldn’t be missed? Anyone have some solid info or numbers to show why one is a better choice?