Kid Ultra - Default Taunt?

One for Plat, one for 15 and one for Lore… isn’t the Default taunt Missing? At least in the command menu, haven’t played yet, but already closed and restarted BB.

Still only 3.

I’m gonna play now.

But I don’t like how PvP orientaded he is with his lore… that, sucks.

Just please tell me there is 1 where he goes “Excelsior!”

Please, oh please, oh please, just give me that much.

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Not yet, maybe in a Pack.

And yes its only a command menu issue.

Should still be fixed soon.

Oh no, really? That’s incredibly disappointing to hear.

It’s showing up for me. “Assembly Required”.

Now its there. yes Its there… don’t ask me why. I’m just glad its fixed.

I have to correct myself. The Lore SEEMS like its all about PvP, but in reality the only one that needs to be done is the one with hitting three BB with his skill.

All others can be done in Story as well.

But instead of “Healing” 100 Allies they went for “4 or more in 25 Matches”.

I don’t like this, and I don’t know if the challenge which can only be done in PvP is easy or hard… depends on the Mutation. if the splitter counts it should be doable, if it doesn’t it well… oh boy.

Okay, thanks for clarifying! I noticed that too when I was able to look at it. I thought three of his lore items were PvP specific because of the wording, but it seems only one item is.

Happy Kid Ultra-ing! :slight_smile: