Kid Ultra Discussion

A new character approaches!

You can see his stats here:

As well as his abilities here:

And edited gameplay footage:

Thanks @MentalMars

His legendary:

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Thanks @lowlines

He is the 4th DLC character and the 6th LLC Battleborn. He specializes in healing and control and benefits melees.

So, what do you guys think of the Sidekick? Is he fun? Strong? Weak? What new thing does he bring to the game? What team comps work best? What builds do you prefer? Gear? Please discuss.



[details=The Sidekick][/details]

Hydro Guy

Fragnus the Star-barian

The Pink Plasma

Gamma Gal

The Mauve Marauder

[details=The Phasic Phantom][/details]

Captain Aster

Dr. Noxtopus

Baron Xavier, Solar Savior



Rednaught the Dread

Papa la Sharde, Voodoo Pirate

Commander Cobalt[/details]


Assembly Required

Rewarded by default

Sign of Reproval

Reach Character Rank 15

Open Challenge

Complete lore challenge: First Flaw of Robotics

[details=Moral High Ground]
Rewarded from lootpack[/details]

Rewarded from loopack[/details]

Righteous Hand

Purchased with Platinum



Ability Trailer By MentalMars

Official Skill Trailer

Overview by @Solus_Scientist

Firstlook by @alltheshinies


It’s kinda weird but I’m more excited for health regeneration and DR gear buff, it going to compliment so many of my favorites.
Nevertheless, Kid Ultra seems like a character that can turn into my new main support (although Ambra and Alani will always have a place in my heart).

Hey @MentalMars,

Was the music in the ability trailer added by you or is that what normally is playing in the background when you’re playing as KU?

That Ability Trailer was made by me.
I choose this song because 1. fitting 2.chiptune 3. megaman 4. HYPE!
I trimmed it in a few sections and added some effects to it during the video.
The song is: Electroman Adventures by Waterflame
Yes it’s awesome and i can’t get it out of my head for some time now.


Superb choice sir!

I was about to lose my s**t from excitement if that music was constantly playing.

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I’m not sure how many times I can say thank you without it being redundant… I’ll risk it. Thank you!

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Well, I’m going to get ready for Kid Ultra. See you guys on the other side! :relaxed:

Kid Ultra TO THE RESCUE! I’m a happy missile! :blush:

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Dude, I envy you. I’m gonna be busy for a while. And have fun! Also, what system? Maybe we can buff things together :yum: (ps4 for me)

I uh, really like him. But I don’t use him as a support. I’ve been playing with attack damage with attack speed, skill damage with attack speed, and attack speed with health, and I’ve been melting everything. Minion waves? Gone. Enemies? I can stun stun them all without seeing them. Triple dot bouncing fast stuns with a great ult and strong heal. As well as top tier wave clear. Hmmmmm

His secondary attack that shoots the triple rockets is so satisfying to use. It just shreds groups of minions. Really fun character.

This makes me wonder if I am even going to play PvP any more…

Are they gonna set up a Kid Ultra category on the threads?

I tried him quickly but can’t play more tonight unfortunately. I did terribly as him, makes me think I did it wrong as every seems to think he’s border line op…

He’s a tad difficult to use. It took me a match or two. And I wouldn’t say he’s op, as he’s weak early game, but scales fast. That stun changes everything. As does the triple bouncing triple Bola’s or cooldown reduction.
Also the mods don’t are or organize sections, I think that’s on Joe or another dev. He should know. @JoeKGBX, could you look into this? (While you’re at it, Alani has been in her own tiny section, as I believe someone wanted to cordon off the DLC, but that was abandoned. Could somebody tick her with the Eldrid? )

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Seems well balanced. Ultimate sounds good in theory but not so in execution


With number 29 here, who will be number 30?

Does anyone else think the outline looks like Sister Aria?

Probably another thread on this, but I’m too lazy to look.

Confirmed no. Sorry bud

No, not really. Plus she was confirmed

@epicender584 can you use your awesome crowd-sourcing skills and get a compendium going for all of his skins and taunts?

The ones I have tracked down so far are…


  • Default - “The Sidekick”
  • Color001 - “??” Character Rank 4
  • Color002 - “??” Character Rank 8
  • Color003 - “??” Character Rank 11
  • Color004 - “??” Character Rank 14
  • Color005 - “The Mauve Marauder” (Purple Lootpack Skin)
  • Color006 - “??” (White Lootpack Skin)
  • Color007 - “??” (Yellow Lootpack Skin)
  • Color008 - “??” Character Rank 15
  • Color009 - “Baron Xavier, Solar Savier” (Gold Skin)
  • Color010 - “??” Cyber Skin (Unreleased)
  • Color011 - “Rednaught the Dread” (Attikus 40 Ops)
  • Color012 - “Papa la Sharde, Voodoo Pirate” (Attikus 85 Ops)
  • Basic001 - “??” Platinum Skin?


  • Taunt001 - “Assembly Required” (Default)
  • Taunt002 - “Sign of Reproval” (Character Rank 15)
  • Taunt003 - “Open Challenge” (Lore Challenge: First Flaw of Robotics)
  • Taunt004 - “Moral High Ground” (Lootpack Taunt)
  • Taunt005 - “Hyperchild” (Lootpack Taunt)
  • Taunt006 - “Righteous Hand” (Platinum Taunt)