Kid ultra first impressions?

Finally got around to watching the Kid Ultra stream last night. Really cool stream for the most part. I really enjoyed how they went into his creation process and their reasonings that led them to the Kid Ultra we know today. It really gave me a more personal relationship with the new hero (as if I couldn’t already love him enough). But honestly the real highlight, for me anyway, was the reveal of how he works on the battlefield! Now I typically prefer to try something for myself before I pass definite judgment on it. But that being said, I do have a couple things I want to start this discussion with.

First of all, I still love this hero. I haven’t felt quite this attached to any other character in Battleborn (sorry Benedict, I still love you though). I like the ideas behind his primary and secondary fire modes, I just hope they do enough damage. Two things that mainly concern me: the healing drone and his ult. The healing drone can be shot out of the sky. Hopefully it’s not the easiest thing to do and will still impact low-health characters enough to keep them in the fray (not unlike ambra’s sunspots). Secondly, the fact he can get CC’d out of his ultimate seems questionable to me. His ult seems by and far the most impactful move in his kit. I mean, it kinda defines him. Anyway, like I said I’ll reserve further judgement, but I’m curious to hear some of your opinions and first impressions on Battleborn’s new crime-fighting Magnus! Anything from his conception to his skills, to how he plays out on a team (or a certain Battleborn).

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He reminds me of Astro Boy if Astro Boy grew up to become Wilhelm.

Best description I’ve been heard.
I think that whatever possible cons exist, his ridiculous stun and damage on Bola’s will outweigh that. (I meant his skill. Man, I’ll have to start specifying now)

I didn’t watch the stream so I have no idea what to expect from him. I’ll just wait 'til he’s released then lock in Phoebe while everyone else scrambles for the new character, then target him all game and repeatedly kill the character that everyone’s trying to learn :smiley: I’m evil like that, I did the same with Pendles, just ran Ambra and obliterated every Pendles that got even remotely close. I learned how to play him by learning how to play against him, IMO that’s the best way to go about it so I’ll be smashing Kid Ultra for the first week or two.


I learned Pendles in pve so I could figure out his helix and get all the lores out of the way. This was also the time when I loaded my selection after everyone else was able to pick a character. I too will be learning him by crushing his soul.

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Wait, KU has a stun? Did I miss something?

Actually, three simultaneous 2 second stuns in a V that pierce through, stunning everyone they come into contact with, then bounce back 3 times. Potentially OP. We will have to see. This comes online at level 9

Ah. That’s like 3 simultaneous helix choices though isn’t it. Sounds very cool. Just saw that someone posted his full helix tree. I should take a look at it

Dear Kid Ultras everywhere,

Please attach to your drones to me. I have extensive experience in preserving mobile aerial squishy things, and I promise I’ll keep your little robot buddies safe.

much love, Eden


Oh now that’s not a bad idea. I will be on the lookout for exceptional Mellkas so as to aid them on their rampage :sunglasses:

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Extra health and regen without gear and it sticks to you sounds kinda great for Mellka. I doubt you’d even need to escape honestly. Ofc, that’s you. Sometimes when a reload fails I get distracted and stop jumping

Do you think that his visor will cause him to have an interesting HUD in 1st person?

Ooh. I hope not honestly

I doubt it

I hope so
It’s one of my favorite things about Toby

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I concur. I also like it when you use ISIC’s Ult and the HUD changes. Small visual things such as this make the experience more enthralling or immersive in a way.

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With a couple of exceptions (e.g. Ghalt helix), every Battleborn get get stunned out of their ultimate. It’s simply something you have to be aware of and be a bit sneaky with it.

Wrong thread I think

I’d love to see it, but I doubt it will happen. Even more if it changed with different skins like Toby. They already said the sound effects would change. Prove me wrong GBX!

(On toby hud) too much detail 1/10 IGN

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