Kid ultra first impressions?

I hope he’s on the tankier side of things.

Also, hoping his Ult is easy to navigate/use.

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Same. It will also dictate how easy it is to kick him out of it

I can see a Kelvin in Sublimate trying to have a Hover Speed Battle with KU. Wonder who would win in a race. KU Starts off slow and gets faster as you keep hovering unhindered, Kelvin can stun KU out of his Ult and keep it movin’ lol.

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Yeah expect to see a lot of Kelvins next weekend. He’s actually just a strong pick in general right now

With a couple of exceptions (e.g. Ghalt helix), every Battleborn get get stunned out of their ultimate. It’s simply something you have to be aware of and be a bit sneaky with it.

It’s right there in the OP.

My bad, read it wrong. Made a thread about ghalt’s hook around the same time. Proceed

My first impression of kid ultra was slightly lackluster. I didn’t enjoy his Ult but just because I thought it would be faster.

After a few games though, I’m really starting to enjoy him. His Ult does actually have a lot of potential and he clears minion waves really well.

I’m a big fan. But like you…that ult. it does have potential, but I don’t like that the radius of it diminishes when you turn while sprinting. I also thought/hoped that he would be much faster while using it.

People are complaining about the triple bola bouncing bleed stun, but imo I think it’s his only real source of dps, and I think it’s on a fair cooldown. I think he’s a good compliment to a team and don’t find him at all game breaking.

I think GBX did a great job with him. But man oh man…“I’m helping!”. That gets annoying fast!


IKR?! And with such a low cooldown you hear it ALL the time Lol. Couldn’t he just say what the skill is called in a less annoying tone…

Or just have more potential lines when using his ult.