Kid Ultra Frag Grenade

I’ve seen this a few times in my death recap before, happened again yesterday so I grabbed a screenshot of it. Has anybody else seen frag grenade damage in Kid ultra’s portion of the death recap before? I thought maybe mike’s got moved there for some reason but the other team didn’t have an Oscar mike.

Maybe Bola Snare has a component of frag grenade in it’s mechanic? Either that, or a grenade-chucking minion’s damage got added into the KU set for some reason.

Also, looks like you got ganged up on there - where were your team mates?!

His 2M helix makes his drone crash into nearby enemies after it’s finished healing. I believe it was that.

That would explain it. I’m just not used to kid ultra’s not taking stationary drones.

The thirst came out to play, chased a little too much for a kill and got punished lol

Could be worse. I got so turned around the other night I fled for safety. Right into the enemy spawn area. Yeah, I deserved that death.