Kid ultra helps plz

I love KU, and I’m close to getting where I want to be, but the only unsure thing now is whether the “split bola” helix mutation is more worth it than damage amplification… I know he has a natural damage amplification aoe for assists, but that added amp on my minions let’s them push a bit harder, and I can feel that difference… the split bola is nice because it means it lands more often if the target is slippery, but it means unless I land the majority of them bolas doing slightly less damage too… which is clearly a trade off in the use of bola itself even if I’m not counting the fact that I miss out on the damage amp helix. I’ve heard people swear by both… any insight here? How does the split bola stack with the other helix options… is it a skill that’s nice but wouldn’t be missed? Anyone have some solid info or numbers to show why one is a better choice?

Do you choose the triple bounce? Do you prefer healing over wave clear and ridiculous damage? It sounds like you chose the set and forget aoe heal. If you did, definitely the Bola tree. If you didn’t, still the Bola tree. The dot from level one stacks, and a triple bouncy stun is messed up. I’ve gotten triple kills by shooting at walls and having it bounce toward foes

Depends on what kind of KU you’re playing, but really there are few situations where damage/skill based KU isn’t the better option.

Pain Compliance + Bank Shot + Snare Spread + Tranq Shot is borderline broken right now. You can easily set up or flat out kill any tightly packed teams, which works great for Incursion or any map that forces choke points. It works wonders against the current territorial camping meta as well, since they tend to result in bunched up teams that are easy prey for a well placed Bank Shot.

According to what others have said, Snare Spread’s damage decrease will only apply to the base damage, but NOT Pain Compliance’s DOT. So if you took bleed, there is little reason not to take Snare Spread. It’s basically a free damage multiplier/AoE, and with bouncing Bolas you are almost guaranteed to make every use of Bola Snare do at least some damage.

The thing is, KU is toted as support but his healing abilities are just a side dish to his main course- crazy high skill damage and wave control that could nip at the heels of a good Orendi. Speak of Orendi, I want to see an end game pentakill by Kid and Orendi, by having Kid stun the enemy and then have Orendi follow up with Pillarstorm. Glory.

On the other hand, Danger Drones can be good if you’re putting the majority of your focus on healing and assists, or simply don’t have the mutation yet. Danger Drones would probably work better for teams who are more scattered, i.e lots of assassins or a game mode that requires lots of roaming.

I can understand wanting to use Danger Drones in tandem with stationary drones to amp up your own minion wave. Remember, however, that KU is extremely powerful on his own when specced into his skill. He can easily wear n tear down most waves in good time if left unchecked. If checked, then I’m afraid the checker will soon find themselves with a face full of Bolas. It’s a bad syndrome.

Of course, keep in mind this is my observation from a handful of games as KU and from what I’ve read. I’ve found it’s usually better to treat KU as a secondary healer who supplements a main healer like Miko or Alani, while dishing out some serious damage. Think Soldier 76 from Overwatch, his main job is DPS but he can still help out with the healing.

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I like the lane pusher stuff-- aoe heal with damage amp helixes. whenever I use the bounce it feels like it’s not doing much… is there a tactic to it? The triple bola just feels like a spreadshot, but if I land it, it’s not as powerful unless I land them all.

Basically I like to drop my aoe heal on the minions preferably a shepherd or fatbot and with the damage amp helix it makes them hurt peeps too. I always take the bleed helix, but I can’t decide if I like the cooldown with the bola use or the alternatives… it feels like bounce isn’t resulting in much more bonus hits/damage if any at all. And again the triple bola feels like a spreadshot more than an increase to damage… but maybe I’m using these with incorrect tactics?

Use it so it’ll bounce back through a group, or chuck it into a large mass near a choke point (I only play certain characters on certain maps. Orendi and Kid Ultra are for Overgrowth)