Kid Ultra is Toby's biggest counter

His Bola’s go straight through his Force Field, and when combined with his stun augment, Toby’s denied from his force field pretty often. Not only that, but his Rocket Volley damage goes through his shield as well. So if your close to it (in order to utilize Toby’s Right lvl 2 augment), expect to take some damage.

Interesting. I’d still say that belongs to Whiskey though

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Kid Ultra Toby’s biggest counter just because he can shoot Bolas through the shield? Against a good team, Toby can’t use his shield as often as he wants anyways. Against a good team, this Kid Ultra is not going to hurt much more than most other characters. One needs to switch to the more mobile, less shield based build anyways against every single good team. Kid Ultra is the biggest counter IF you are playing against a bad team anyways. A team that doesn’t destroy your shield the second you place it.

Everything with long range is a bigger counter I think. Especially high damage long ranged. Marquis, Benedict, Ernest. They make it so you can’t stay safe far away from the battle, hiding behind your shield, being hard to hit. They make sure that your mobile playstyle is getting hurt too, because you are still a huge target.

Yeah, Kid Ultra is annoying… But Montana piercing Hailstorm bullets and Toby’s Heartpiecer helix both are a bigger threat IMO. The Bola stun is only really dangerous when you are close to your enemies. And really, when are you close to your enemies as Toby anyways?


Yeah I agree, whiskey annihilates Toby

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Can confirm whiskey is a great anti-Toby. Shame that seems to be one of his only uses lol

A smart toby should be sitting further back than a Marquis. He just needs to create an impassible wall of energy bullets. I’ve played toby a bit and I’ve best utilized him at odd angles the enemy can’t easily attack his shield from. It’s kind of like the terrain is protecting his shield.

Whiskey is a great counter for every character fatter than thorn lol.


isic Toby Montana kelvin, yes. But there are a lot of characters with bigger hit boxes than thorn that your statement just isn’t true for. Phoebe for example destroys whiskey

IDK, Whiskey foxtrot with CC reduction gear is like a honeybadger. He don’t give a flying ■■■■ about any slow phoebe has, sure she is still hard to hit but he should be able to get away or push her back.

Agree to disagree I suppose

I eat whiskey foxtrot for breakfast.

The only two things whiskey can do better than me is suck and die.

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I’ve got a real dirty story about Whiskey and that first thing.
REAL dirty…

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Nah nah. Whiskey as strong as ■■■■. If you don’t feel that way, then you aren’t playing him right. I have two buddies that play him a lot, and he deals consistent damage while staying out of trouble and can even self heal for quite a bit if he needs it. They are always the last man standing in teamfights. If our team manages to die, one of them is magically still in lane fending off minions/players

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Details please.

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I only played whiskey once and I didn’t like him but I know his mutations are what make him good. I believe the napalm and triple grenade are what take him over the top.

Definitely. Not sure how true this is after the napalm nerf though. One of those buddies I mentioned played him for a game last night and did well with him though so I guess he’s still solid

I don’t play him; I don’t think he offers anything that other heroes do better. There are more reliable single target dps’ers, better wave clears, better sustain heroes, better kill confirms, ect.

But the fact he’s all of those in one (albeit weaker in those categories) is what makes him unique. Unique can be good or bad, and Whiskey isn’t a character for everyone

He tank shreds really well and is an anti entrencher