Kid Ultra issues

So I’ve found a few issues while playing Kid Ultra.

  • His title for level 2 is missing. (It should be Justified)

    I’m currently level 5 with him.

  • His Mutation’s don’t appear.

  • None of his level up rewards are appearing either - I’m missing all the stuff except for the level 4 skin (The blue and red)

@JoeKGBX @Jythri

Also - anyone else seen anything like this? Report them here so the devs can see it all.


Same issue for me

Same issues happening to me, sadly.

Same here as well. Also, Kid Ultra’s default taunt did not show up in the Command Menu until I had played with him at least once. It was visible during character select however. I wonder if some of these things are being blocked by all the bleeps and the bloops.


Glad I wasn’t the only one.

Same problems. Luckily anything unlocked via loot packs are appearing. Have all his taunts and several skins from loot packs.

I’ve only done solo story so far, but the drone indicators don’t go away when the drone dies. When you start they are both greyed out, and they light up when you deploy a drone, but the don’t stop glowing when a drone dies.

Yes, mutations + titles remain under lock (lvl 5 atm).

My Justified unlocked after I ranked him up again

Also, in the game of FaceOff I just played, my Ult was interrupted three times in a row during that jump animation for no discernible reason.

The mutations do, however, show up ingame.

How is the dmg supposed to work?

Took dmg for the Ult, but it didn’t do any damage.

I have a feeling his Ult should be changed…it’s the most infuriating thing to use in the game. God forbid you use it in a non-flat surface, it starts of slow…like really…really…really slow.

I don’t like it, I hate it, and I hope it burns in hell.

That said, I don’t particularly like KU’s play style, didn’t even feel like playing with the poor guy after the 2nd game. I’ll wait till the dust has settled and see if he’s tweaked in some way that makes him more enjoyable to use and as intended.

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Same. sigh

Looks like it was fixed

Don’t know if its Kiddos fault but the last two games I had vonnection error.

This sucks, playing 30+ and losing all progress… TWICE.

Come on, WHY is this a reoccuring problem?

I had this kind of thing happen long ago, rather have screwed up SHiFT Codes that won’t function at first than this disconnection crap.

…We’ve been playing with it on Attikus and I agree.

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[quote=“wisecarver, post:16, topic:1549358, full:true”]…We’ve been playing with it on Attikus and I agree.

I used it to rush to an ally and got stopped by a minion. It was right on me so I quite literally couldn’t move to charge up and keep moving to heal my ally.

Also, something random to note: If you take Missile Massacre, after you respawn, you’ll only have 6 rockets when you respawn, not the full 9 you’re supposed to have.

He also has a tendency to repeat voice lines (saw it in private multiple times to make sure it wasn’t from the chaos). I really like his ult tbh. It feels great and is very interesting

[quote=“epicender584, post:18, topic:1549358, full:true”]I really like his ult tbh. It feels great and is very interesting

I like the idea behind it but certain parts of the implementation (like getting hung up on minions, which get rid of all of your momentum/charge) leave something to be desired.


I can get that. I’m just afraid at how people are saying he should be changed already. I just got a triple kill without seeing enemies and I want to continue that lol. I also stunned the other two apparently