Kid Ultra Lore Challenges: Are You Kidding Me?

I’ll say this once again since it’s important to preface a complaint about certain elements being designed around PvP by saying that I do not enjoy PvP. I am a PvE player.

Now, getting to KU’s lore challenges, I seriously have to wonder what metrics they use to decide what numbers and situations to use.

I’ve got no problems with Suit Up. 100 hits on 3 different targets with your alt-fire seems a bit high for a support, but that’s acceptable. All of the others though…

Heroes Aren’t Born requires 25 games. The trigger isn’t that difficult (5 direct hits on injured allies with Support Drone), but 25 games? Seriously? I’m 2 missions from mastering Phoebe and I’m at 21 missions. 25 is just nuts. Bring it down to 5 or 10 for Solus’ sake. I shouldn’t have to hit CR15 with a character before unlocking a lore challenge that should be reasonably simple.

My Dear Miss Glory (damage 3 enemy Battleborn with a single Bola Snare 25 times) is yet another PvP exclusive lore challenge. Just loving it. It couldn’t just be 5+ of any target or something that both PvP and PvE players could manage, could it?

My hope for First Flaw of Robotics is that all assists, both PvP and PvE, count. If that’s true, my wrath is assuaged a bit. If only BB assists count, they just doubled down on their “PvE players can suck it” mantra. It requires 50 assists specifically from a passive that only activates when you get an assist. Miko’s lore challenge requires 50 assists with no condition. Why does this one require just as many and has a condition to start getting those assists. The only possible redeeming element of this lore challenge is that PvE might actually count. Emphasis on might.

Stellar Cast (heal or damage 4+ Battleborn with a single use of To The Rescue 10 times) might not be PvP exclusive, but it’s definitely PvP centric because it requires 4 viable Battleborn targets. For PvE, the only way to get it is to have a full group that has all taken damage, which means no ops (limit 3 players) and basically guarantees it will never happen in public games (since it requires a full 5 person group, which doesn’t happen any more in random matchmaking). PvP, you’re guaranteed at least 9 other people around you and it’s open to allies and enemies so it’s actually doable.

Do the devs just not like PvE players? Or is it that only PvP players are allowed to have nice things like access to lore and lore legendaries? For some lore challenges, I can understand PvP requirements (killing a specific Battleborn makes sense since there’s some enmity between them in their backgrounds), but is there actually a lore reason for KU to have PvP centric lore challenges? Or do the devs just think that everyone should be PvPing and that PvE isn’t important enough to incorporate into lore challenges?

Hell, it’s not like PvE lore challenges suck that much for PvP players. They’re a tiny diversion that can be made while playing solo. Not so for PvP.

Seriously, @JoeKGBX @Jythri, I thought you learned your lesson with previous lore challenge issues…


I just completed the First Flaw of Robotics challenge solo on The Void’s Edge


Probably the first character I won’t worry too much about mastering. I have every other Battleborn’s lore done, some before the big lore patch. This is just stupid.

One more nail.


Well, people were complaining that Ernest’s lore’s were too easy. Guess they heard us.


Guys. Mastering a character should be challenging right? There’s no point in making easy challenges, otherwise they could just give everyone the master title.

@Kitru While I enjoy difficult challenges and am not a fan of the changes they have made with the lore challenges a while ago, I certainly understand your frustration about the challenges heavily focusing on PvP. In my eyes, challenges should be difficult but achievable through both PvP and PvE.


So Wolf sentry counts too? Good. We actually have NPC assistants quite often. I wonder if turrets/drones count too.

They are already making challenges significantly easier. Not to say to point of the thread is not to make them easier. Its to make them less of a horrible grind (25 games) and not heavily PVP exclusive.


You can do all of his lore challenges besides My Dear Miss Glory in PvE. I’ve only played two solo PvE with him, and I’ve finished First Flaw of Robotics and have 81/100 on Suit Up. Don’t forget, they made it stupid easy to level up. I have no problem with playing 25 matches to get Heroes Aren’t Born.

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[quote=“maskerader, post:6, topic:1549352, full:true”]They are already making challenges significantly easier. Not to say to point of the thread is not to make them easier. Its to make them less of a horrible grind (25 games) and not heavily PVP exclusive.

To elaborate, there are 2 ways to make something difficult: you can make hit hard to perform (like Pentrastrike) or require a lot of time/effort (like Angel of Death; 10k BB kills). For lore challenges, ideally, there should be a happy medium since the expectation should be for everyone to unlock them without simply giving them away.

Heroes Aren’t Born is easy but it takes a lot of time and effort. Way too much time, honestly; with the xp buffs from a couple months back, you’ll hit CR15 just before you get that lore challenge, if you’ve been qualifying every single match/mission. This is my problem with it.

On the other end is Toby’s Killing on Rail challenge, which takes very little time (just 1 match), but a lot of luck and/or skill. Thankfully, KU doesn’t really have any like this (except possibly Stellar Cast).

In my mind, ideally, if you’re focusing on getting the lore challenges done, you should be able to finish all of them roughly by the time you hit CR10. You shouldn’t have to wait until after you max rank a character to get lore done.


I’ve played one Operation and two PvP matches, and I’m sitting at three for this challenge. Take that as you will.

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So you had three games and the counter is on three. It doesn’t add any new info on the topic…


He’s saying that this one isn’t PvP specific.
25 games PvE or PvP isn’t terrible at all. Might take about a week maybe of moderate play.
Not too bad at all
That is unless you hate the character.


Didn’t you realize that PvE is nothing but a happy side effect by now? We are not a majority, so our wishes would be ignored until God knows when.

As for learning from their mistakes… Come on, learning takes time and effort. Gearbox has the effort, but they don’t have the time -even less so given the most recent things going on.

Pretty sure that no one was suggesting that. The PvP exclusive one is My Dear Miss Glory, Stellar Cast definitely favors PvP heavily because it requires a large number of BB to be affected, and there was some question as to whether First Flaw would be PvP only (it’s not; checked it myself; got 42/50 in a single ops).

The problem with having to do 25 games is that you’re liable to already have gotten to CR15 before you finish 25 games. 10 is a way more reasonable number considering it’s a lore challenge.

I’ll never understand being upset that the game is taking too long to unlock stuff. I love when my games take a while to complete.

I also don’t understand why having PvP challenges is upsetting to PvE players. The game has to cater to PvE players only? That’s such a poor double standard.

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We’re not asking for it to cater to PvE players. We’re asking for it to not cater only to PvP players. A PvE lore challenge takes about 30 minutes of a PvP players time to accomplish, at most, while solo. A PvP lore challenge takes hours and requires them get into a match with a bunch of other people. It’s not the same thing.


It’s not terrible in terms of time required only if you play PVP and live in a region where PVP is not dead. If you aren’t, it will take too much time…

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If you despise PvP as much as I do, then you should understand why I, as a PvEer only, am irritated.

I have another character that I cannot master because of the restrictions of PvP.

Even the PvE-able ones are now essentially impossible for me to do because Operations are 3 man, not 4 or 5. PC population is tanking and has been tanking since June, so the likeliness of these 5 man only challenges getting done is next to none.

Basically, if you haven’t grasped anything Kitru and other PvEers are feeling, this game is barring us from receiving content in the manner we prefer. This game is sold on both PvP and PvE aspects, so why are the PvEers always getting screwed when it comes to both balancing and lore challenges?

I can no longer play 5 man, and now I cannot expect to get my lore done either?


Opinion. I hate finishing all the lore challenges early and then playing through the last five levels with no challenges.

PvP players deserve difficult lore challenges also. There are only 5 lore challenges per character so 1 or 2 PvP only challenges per character seems fair considering half the game is PvP.

No one suggested to make them PVE-specific to piss off The Noble PVP Master Race. Why don’t make lore challenges doable in both modes?

You see what you want to see.


I find PvP exhilarating and want harder challenges to complete.

There has to be something difficult for PvP players also.