Kid Ultra Lore Challenges: Are You Kidding Me?

I see it as a very lazy and very non-creative way to force people to spend more time on the character.

It doesn’t make it any more fun.

It doesn’t provide any real desire to play him.

What good is it to implement something where people will just go, “You know what? Screw it. I’m not playing Kid Ultra because this is as boring as hell.”

I wonder if anyone in the development really thought about that deeply.

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I think most characters are played if they are balanced or slightly overpowered.

Completionist will always pick the character they don’t have mastered so that point is somewhat mute.

The lore actually adds a little incentive to people interested in challenging themselves against other players. I wonder if anyone in development thought about that.


Hopefully they add allowing lores to be done in private matches soon.

There are a lot of those completionists on the PC isle, right? That’s why there are only 304 players on Steam as I write this.

My argument is that when you implement something that will make a lot of people not enjoy it right out of the gate, what is the mindset behind making it?

It’s the same crap with the Operation missions. The first half is overall crap. The second half is okay. What’s crap about the first half; the rooftop jumping to get the OPs points. This part adds several minutes into the mission but adds nothing to the fun. This is just artificially lengthening the game with no effort whatsoever. They pulled that crap in the Pre-Sequel, and they’re doing it here even more so.

Kid Ultra’s lore already left a bitter taste in my mouth. Now he’s another character I will half ass because I’m robbed from finishing it because I despise the PvP in this game. I have no reason to play well with him, I have no motivation to complete his lore, and I’m hardly interested enough to attempt 25 games like it deserves that much of my free time.


I was getting lore progress on the drone one by looking at the ground and firing the drone directly on myself. All of his lore challenges can be completed in solo play except the one that requires his ult to affect 4 Battleborn at once. However, that one can also be done in PvE.

So none of KU’s lore challenges require PvP at all

Good luck finding a group of 5 on PC. That challenge is considered a PvP for the PC at this point.

Well for one I loved the pre sequel so sorry.

For two, many of these arguments are personal preference as some of the community likes these things. I think the Thrall rebellion is better than half of the original story, just because of the diversity.

Gearbox has never been great at making everyone happy. They own Duke Nukem for Pete’s sake.

That’s the great thing about Gearbox. They make what they like.If you don’t like Kid Ultra or his lore that’s fine. Play one of the other 28 characters.

I hated the Pre-Sequel.

I like Kid Ultra, but not the progress of his lore, which is gating content from me. I paid for this game, this game was sold on both PvP and PvE aspects, and I expect them to be give me that ability to complete the lore by PvE or any other means when I solo.

I expect every character to be able to achieve their lore through any means the game provides.

5 months in, nearing 6 months, and this issue about private versus enabling challenges is still not implemented. Pre-Sequel took 5 months to fix respawnable bosses.

That’s an invitation for me to just drop the game. Just swap Kid Ultra with Pre-Sequel, 28 characters with Borderlands 2. “Don’t like TPS, well, go play Borderlands 2!”

That doesn’t justify Kid Ultra’s lore progression is good; it just means it’s enough to drive people away.


But it’s sold on PvE and PvP. Why would there not be challenges for both?

It’s also game with huge variety in character. There is no way you can swap tps for bl2 as you swap 1 character for 28 other characters.

You either like the game or you don’t. 1 type of lore challenge makes the game unplayable?

Because Kid Ultra’s lore isn’t available for both PvP and PvE. All of it could be done in PvP, but only 3 of them could be done in PvE.

Now for the lore that you must hit 4 other Battleborn… you can no longer do this in PvE on PC because finding a 5 man story is next to impossible at this point. So this is also a PvP challenge.

So PvEers are faced with another character they cannot finish their lore with.

How is this fun for people like myself?

This game has 300 players as I write this. It’s crap like this that makes people want to leave the game and Battleborn cannot afford to make mistakes of this caliber.

Kid Ultra, once again, is failing to provide a good incentive for me to invest in Battleborn with good faith in enthusiasm.

If you haven’t realized why Kid Ultra’s lore progression is PvP oriented and some could really only be completed in PvP, then I have nothing more to say to you. I feel like this entire thing is not a concern to you whatsoever because you get to play in the method you want and not be affected, thus everyone else can go and writhe in their pain.

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I understand PvE players like yourself want the challenge to be easier.

Players that like PvP may want challenges to be harder. (I want this)

Why should your wants override the wants of players that enjoy PvP. This is the only reason I’m commenting on the thread. I want challenges for PvP to continue and this thread is actively trying to shut that down.

This is not about easier.

This is about whether is DOABLE or not.

Right now, there are challenges NOT DOABLE in PvE. It’s IMPOSSIBLE to do them because the conditions that are set can NEVER be met.

This is what Kitru and I are saying. The requirements set for Kid Ultra are not possible whatsoever in PvE.

It’s the same for Thorn’s: Hit 10 Enemy Battleborn in midair. There are no enemy battleborn in PvE whatsoever, so PvE cannot do this challenge at all.

What’s so hard for you to understand what the frustration is?

What more needs to be explained?

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I don’t want it to be possible for PvE. That ruins the challenge for PvP.

What don’t you see about that?

I understand I can’t kill Ambras five times in PvE.

So you don’t want PvEers to get the challenge.


I got it now.

You don’t care for the PvE portion of the community. You refuse to listen to our frustrations. You want the two sides to fracture. You’re completely okay as long as things are going well for you.

That’s fine. You at least had the gall to admit it.

But I have nothing left to say to you in this thread.

i want PvEers to be able to get the lore.

You don’t.

We will see what Gearbox wants to do for the PvE crowd.


The PvE crowd can do it if they put in the effort.

I understand they don’t want to put forth the effort.

Gearbox, please keep challenges for players who enjoy PvP. ( Or find a solution for the players who can’t find PvP matches)

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2 games and First Flaw is done.
25 games isn’t so bad.
If you’re a diligent player, I think you can get the Bola challenge. Might help to take the helix where it riccochets.
To the rescue might be tough in PvE, but it’s probably best attained in defense missions.

No, the PvE crowd can do it if they are willing to force themselves into doing PvP. It’s not like I can run Heliophage Advanced Hardcore 100 times and complete the lore challenge. It has to be done in PvP.

Which is the problem.

It is not, nor has it ever been, a question of effort (which is really just a roundabout way of calling PvEers lazy, since, by that logic, if we were willing to put in the effort, it wouldn’t be an issue; once again, I have put in the effort on other characters; the point is that I shouldn’t have to because it’s forcing me, and other PvEers, to spend a not-insignificant amount of time in a mode I would otherwise never play in order to get access to content that isn’t even supposed to be “elite”; it’s not like it’s Angel of Death; it’s a friggin’ lore challenge). You’re conflating the idea of doing something personally distasteful with exertion/work. They’re not the same thing: eating a piece of feces doesn’t require a lot of effort, but it’s certainly going to be extremely distasteful for a large number of people.

The entire point of the game is to have fun. The lore challenges are supposed to be for everyone who wishes to play the character. Mode specific lore challenges actively discourage players that dislike one mode or the other from playing a character by forcing them into playing what they do not enjoy in order to access everything provided for that character. The reason that only PvE players ever bring up this argument is that the devs have this incredibly lop-sided design mentality that is perfectly alright forcing PvEers’ to run through a gauntlet of PvP matches to get a similar reward that a PvPers might have to spend a single PvE solo mission earning.

Now, because I have brought up the whole issue of “fun”, just because you find it fun does not mean that everyone else will find it fun. The entire point is that the character and everything that entails should be accessible to everyone, not just people that enjoy a specific mode. Furthermore, if making it so that everyone can enjoy the process of getting something decreases your own enjoyment of getting something, that’s tacit acceptance that a significant part of the reason that you enjoy getting that something is because other people are unwilling to do it, which doesn’t really help the community at all. In fact, it’s pretty friggin’ toxic.

It still absolutely requires PvP because you have to hit enemy battleborn. Which is the fundamental issue.

The devs should have figured out by now that they need to have lore that can either easily and quickly be accomplished in a specific mode (to minimize the amount of time people spend in a mode they don’t wish to be in) or more difficult/time consuming lore that can be accomplished in either mode.

If you honestly believe that lore challenges need to be “hard” to get, I kindly direct you at the many “challenges” that require you to go to all of the effort of playing a game with a specific character. Lore challenges are less about challenging you than they are about encouraging certain tactics/maneuvers and linking activity to background story.


All but 1 of my friends have quit Battleborn and won’t return because of Public PvP Only Lore Challenges, among other things.

Half of them refused to ever try PvP because they felt forced to play it because of Public PvP Only Lore Challenges, among other things.

Half, but a different mix, of them refuse to ever buy a GBX title on release again because of Public PvP Only Lore Challenges, among other things.

All of them want a refund on their Season Pass if they bought one because of Public PvP Only Lore Challenges, among other things.

This game has completely destroyed the faith in GBX among my 8+ group of friends. I still play, though I grow more disenchanted each day that I cannot finish the Lore for so many remaining characters. Even PvE challenges have become impossible, like Boldur’s Woodsworn and Benedict’s The Tour because none of my friends are willing to play Battleborn… because of Public PvP Only Lore Challenges, among other things.

Because some may ask, some of the other things are:

  • Cash Shop for higher tier skins
  • Unbalanced AI in Private PvP
  • Design flaws (One of them absolutely despises Alani though part of that is because of the previous AI comment, since they all essentially run Aim Bot, which breaks Alani more than most)
  • Shared Loadouts instead of per character Loadouts
  • Limited Inventory, poor Inventory management, making Gear a chore instead of a reward

Some of these also relate to the fact that they have 0 interest in Public PvP, as you may notice. Regardless, Public PvP Only Lore Challenges was a cancer that started killing this game from the first week. I’ve been railing against it since then as well, but not to much avail -

I keep holding out hope that we’ll all be able to enjoy our game again, but 5 months has been a long wait… =(


You should all know the rules by now.

Stop making personal comments about other forum users. You are all welcome to express any opinion here, within the limits of the forum rules. Go read them, now. It doesn’t matter how angry you are, you still have to follow them. If you can’t do that, you can’t post here.