Kid Ultra Lore Challenges: Are You Kidding Me?

I’d be fine with a lore section for PvE and PvP. I just think PvP players also need challenges. Why should PvE players get to suggest PvP players have to have easy challenges?

I don’t complain about punching rendain in the face yes that only takes one run through of the mission now but you also must play through the entire story to reach him.

Then go ask GBX for something that will not affect those who don’t find PVP exhilarating.

Why? I’m just asking to not take my toys away. (Hard PvP challenges)

Come over to my platform and you will not be singing this tune.

PC platform aside, this game’s PvP has no appeal whatsoever for me. If I wanted PvP, I would just play World of Warcraft.

The current issue of what Kitru is making is that there are lore that are PvP only, and this game has done next to nothing to make PvP appealing to those who are adamant about PvE. The game is forcing those who openly reject this mode to go on and ruin it for everyone involved. The guy trying the challenge has no desire to win or lose, he will do whatever is required to get the challenge lore done and bail on the poor suckers that had to team up with him.

If you’re a dedicated PvPer seeing crap like this, it makes your blood boil because now you have a teammate who has basically fed the enemy team loads of XP, and the instant he bails you’re down one person. If you’re still having a great experience after this, then I applaud your patience.


[quote=“dfabian711, post:18, topic:1549352, full:true”]PvP players deserve difficult lore challenges also. There are only 5 lore challenges per character so 1 or 2 PvP only challenges per character seems fair considering half the game is PvP.

So should there also be 1-2 PvE exclusive lore challenges per character that also take 5-6 hours of dedicated play in that specific mode to accomplish that must be done with a full 5 person group because that’s what PvP requires?

The entire point is that lore challenges should not be done for “PvP players” or “PvE players”. They should be done for “people that play the character in question”.


Who the hell is talking about easy challenges? I see nobody.

Complaint 1: too much grind. Grind is not hard, it’s incredibly boring.
Complaint 2: PVP-specific challenges. It’s not hard, it restricts the gameplay to only one mode that not everybody find attractive. Or accessible at all. For example, my region and time zone sets me out of PVP even if I wanted to play it.

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Just because you do or don’t do something doesn’t mean I have to do/don’t do the same.

If PVP players start to complaint about PVE-specific challenges being uncomfortable for them and asking for universaly doable ones, I’ll support you.

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I don’t mind if the challenge takes many PvE runs. It’s a challenge and a game. If I want the lore bad enough I read it only or I struggle and complete the challenge.

@Rivaire I understand that PvP is frustrating with the low player base on PC and I feel for you. I’ll just say I was very disappointed the last time all my lore challenges were suddenly completed by a nerf to them.

At least you have them. Even if it’s just for a period of time.

I’m being trolled right? People who only like PvE really don’t want the other half of the game to have difficult or time consuming challenges?

I understand some people can not play PvP but a lot of players can and do enjoy it.

Time played is time played regardless of the mode/means. It requires only 1 other person to play with you which doesn’t sound too unreasonable. The Ult challenge does sound abit harsh though.

I hazarded a guess
I should have prefaced that with a “I think…”

No, you’re being obtuse.

No one has said anything about making the PvP lore challenges easier. The entire point is that they shouldn’t be PvP exclusive lore challenges. They should be available via both PvP and PvE means. We’re talking about adding an option for getting credit via PvE means.

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There’s no “the other half”, because we all have the same lore challenges. You want hard PVP challenges? Great. Ask for hard PVP challenges that affect PVP players only. If you ask for hard PVP challenges that affect both PVP and PVE players, we will complain about it.


No. Average PVE mission lasts longer than average PVP match.

I don’t know why so much… crying(?). Just play the game and you will complete them. Only the middle one (Healing or damaging 4 battleborn with the ult) is a bit situational if you don’t want to stage it. But still, I like these challenges.

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That is making them easier. Going into PvE and grinding against bots is way easier than killing a computer controlled enemy.

I’m sorry if I’m being obtuse but PvP lore specifically is fun to me and I’d prefer if it stayed in the game. I don’t care if there is some way individual players can cancel it out. I want to be able to complete the challenge.

Because I don’t enjoy PvP. If I could complete them all just doing PvE, I wouldn’t be complaining (maybe about the 25 missions one because that’s way too many missions to require); the issue is that it’s forcing me into PvP to complete it.

So even if it didn’t change your gameplay experience whatsoever, it would still bother you that someone else was getting credit through PvE means? Are you serious?


OPs :grinning:
Or you could just have a friend jump off a cliff and heal them after the revive 5 times across 25 match
Would take 2 hours?
If you MUST grind it out

The fact that it can be cheesed doesn’t mean that it’s designed properly. Toby’s original Killing On Rails could be cheesed by getting friends, but that doesn’t mean that it was appropriate to require 10 (or was it 20?) double kills with his ult.

No. I don’t care if anyone can pay gearbox to complete all the challenges for them or if a magic fairy could do the challenges for them.

I want to have to complete them in PvP only because I like the challenge.