Kid Ultra Lore Challenges: Are You Kidding Me?

[quote=“dfabian711, post:40, topic:1549352, full:true”]I want to have to complete them in PvP only because I like the challenge.

Then do that. There’s nothing stopping you from imposing that limitation on yourself.

I am but if they randomly became unlocked as I was playing the story I’d be pretty bored.

It was 10
Not liking the challenge for the number of kills does not make it bad by design.
In my eyes the only way a challenge would be considered bad by design is for it to be entirely out of your control and for it to be some sort of monotonous and long task that you wouldn’t everachieve through regular play.
His Ult challenge is the only one that meets one of those requirements.

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Either that, or regular drones count. Just unlocked this myself, only the second PvE mission.

To be honest, the only lore challenge I’ve ever seen and tried that I literally could not complete was Toby’s killing on rails. Was it 10 double kills with his ult in PvP? Many factors made that challenge near enough impossible for most people. I managed to get 1/10…and that was based on pure luck. A challenge like that shouldn’t have existed that way. changing it to 1 double kill was far better. And they buffed his ultimate to help with that. My point is, I see where you’re coming from, especially if you’re main focus is PvE, but are these challenges on an impossible level? Not really. If you’re dedicated, and want to complete these so badly, then you will find a way, you will dedicate the time needed, and you will complete them. Eh, hard work pays off. That’s my opinion on this anyway. If it isn’t “killing on rails” pre nerf difficulty, then it’s possible to complete.

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I don’t think this should be a requirement for any lore challenge.

Or not. It depends on what you get in the end.

Oh they could be called “Lore Mundane Tasks”!

So they should be effortless? Not require that much effort at least? Sounds like fun…

Lore, you get lore. Then again we all knew that. Knowing more about you’re favourite character is always a pretty good reward. Usually a taunt, an audio recording.

Unless you want to take the stationary drone helix option…

It should be 25 hits in 5 games. Forcing a thing to take 25 matches is just silly.

“If it’s possible no matter the price (and it’s not me who have to pay that price), then it’s OK.”

No, thanks.

There are lots of grades between “it requires all the effort you can take” and “effortless”. The world is not black and white, you know…

Well if you’re just going to dissect everything I say and not get the basic gist of what I’m trying to get across, fine, you win.

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Any deed, Any Price

Sorry wrong faction.


Why would anyone want the legendary for a character they’re not willing to play for at least 25 games?
They obviously don’t care that much for the character.

It’s in your control
It’s part of the primary role/function of the character.
Unless you play solo, you will get it through regular play

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They are already.

GBX mixed several very different things into one, but couldn’t balance them enough for different players and it led to some issues.

  1. “Master” title
  2. Challenges
  3. Lore
  4. Character legendary
  5. Incentive to take part in different game modes
  6. Teaching player some of character mechanics/tricks

If it doesn’t work as it is (and it doesn’t) it’s better to separate them.

straw man. It has nothing to do with not wanting to play the character X times. It is forcing a particular helix choice (you may not get it through solo play if you want the stationary drones…though I suppose it is possible to delay the choice at 2 until you are certain you have five hits) and drawing out completing lore for no particular reason. I’d prefer something that is actually a challenge, personally.

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[quote=“Vicks_Toire, post:54, topic:1549352”]Why would anyone want the legendary for a character they’re not willing to play for at least 25 games?
They obviously don’t care that much for the character.[/quote]
Why would anyone want the legendary for a character they’re not willing to play at least 100 games? They obviously don’t care that much for the character.

“That much” is purely subjective.

There’s no right answer to how many/how long it have to be, or how difficult it have to be, or how you have to play the game (which mode, what proportion, etc.). There are different players and their needs, and devs who decide what to make and where to draw the line and how to change it if the result is not good enough based on players’ feedback.

Not to be judgy, but maybe you should try the PvP a bit harder. This is the first and maybe only game that I really love the PvP in. It is very impressive how complicated and great the PvP is (during good matches). Try it for a while, even if you don’t like it at first. It is one of the most brilliant video games I have ever seen because of the PvP.

The more challenges they make that are PvP only and not work in Private Versus, the quicker I stop playing this game.

Which, in turn, will also accelerate the likeliness of me not-recommending this game to anyone -regardless whether the issues at hand are fixed.

I get extremely testy when a game wastes my time or outright blocks my progress due to design flaws. I get even more unforgiving when certain foundations were mistakes to begin with (Like unrespawnable bosses in Pre-Sequel that took 5 months to remedy, which by then I no longer touched the game) and still takes way too long to change when interest on the game is waning all the time.

We have a situation even worse than TPS, and it’s still not remedied by today.

Now we have Kid Ultra’s lore.

Who thought this was going to be a swell idea?

Thank you for addressing the post as a whole and not picking at it with quotes. That’s not a jab, it’s just something that bug me in discussion.

Wasn’t a straw man
It was to reinforce the argument that 25 matchs is not a ridiculous sum for someone who wants to play a character in the first place.
You or anyone else’s motivations for completing lore is you/their business but If just playing a character 25 times with a small helix restriction (imo the stationary drones are terribly inferior and highly situational at best) is too much to ask then something else is the issue.

Oh and I completely agree with you on skill basedchallenges
I would be all onboard with a total revamp w/ new challenges if they actually became challenging
I hate all the boring ones but I don’t think they’re unreasonable.


No interest.

At all.

This PvP offers me nothing for the potential amount of anger I may endure.

No reward system in place has made me change my mind, not a new PvP mode, not Chaos Rumble, not XP boosts, nothing. Everything I read here that is negative about PvP is a massive turn off for me, because I know I’ll just become extremely angry at the end from all the waiting and doing absolutely nothing just to find out the game will end in 6 mins due to people surrendering.

If GBX failed to attract me to do PvP in any serious capacity, a random forum post has an even less chance of succeeding.