Kid Ultra Lore Challenges: Are You Kidding Me?

Preference is always subjective
Everything you and everyone else has said here is subjective

I think we are in agreement that the lore challenges should have some sort of structure and uniformity.

That’s not judgy. That’s presumptive and ignorant. You’re assuming that the only reason that I don’t like PvP is because I haven’t really tried it. I don’t like PvP because I don’t like PvP and I’ve played enough of it across numerous different games (and plenty of it in BB as well) to know that I am not a fan of it.

I’ve done more than enough PvP in Battleborn to know that I don’t enjoy it. I got Alani’s and Galilea’s Ambra kill lores done pre-nerf; I did Toby’s PvP lore without cheesing it. The only PvP lores that I do not current have taken care of are Ernest’s (since I haven’t played him more than a couple times for the ops skins), El Dragon (same reason), Kleese’s (because getting the Capture and Meltdown maps is way too much like shoot craps atm), and Kid Ultra.

It’s not that I’m bad at PvP either. I’m actually quite good at it. I have PvP friends that often ask me to join them because I am an amazing Alani and plenty of people ask my advice about PvP for all kinds of characters. When I was getting Toby’s PvP lore done, one of my problems was winning before I actually got Core Discharge (this was before they buffed minions).

Exposure does not automatically make someone enjoy something.


Do you play other games at a a competitive level? If you are taking things that seriously then I get it.

I could care less about winning, unless someone is stomping me (then I might get a little upset). The game is fun, that was my only point.

Technically he’s referring to me. But your answer was pretty damn good.

I aim to be presumptive and ignorant. So 2 points for me. Wasn’t responding to you though.

And at least I wasn’t judgy.

Fair enough, but flip it around for just a second. Suppose the challenge was to have 5 BB stand within the radius of a stationary drone in 25 matches. Are you telling me that given you prefer not to use that option, you wouldn’t find that just a little tedious? Just asking you to consider the opposing viewpoint for a moment.

For reference, I haven’t played in ages until this week, but I love the character and hope they don’t screw it up by making him less of a support and more an attacker like they did with Alani.

And harder was a bad choice of words. Didn’t mean to say that there was no effort there.

Well like I said in the very last sentence.
I think they’re boring but I don’t think they’re unreasonable
But that’s coming from a big jrpg/mmo fan

Oh and yes I have high hopes for KU too
I’m a big LLC fan and I love his design mechanically and aesthetically.

No, you don’t get it.

What enrages me greatly is my time being wasted. The instant I am not entertained by a game it has a hard time earning my attention again. If I end up spending a majority of my time waiting (say, 20 minutes) and only get 6 minutes of playing, I can assure you I will never play that mode of the game again.

My time is very valuable to me. I spend my free time on things I enjoy. If I’m going to be going on some waiting fest, then I will start taking public transit to work instead of driving.

This game’s PvP on the get go places me on a situation where I spend more time waiting than playing. The PvE is the same crap where I cannot find a group of 5 for the story. I solo the Operations half the time because I no longer wish to wait around as I gamble on the randoms being competent enough to get 100 OPS points.

I hate my time being wasted by anyone or anything.


It’s all good.

I’ll be over here playing Kid Ultra and waiting on the release of Enchanted Arms 2.

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Dear god 10 years
I feel old now
Better later than never

Wish it would happen, lol.

now that Miyazaki is president anything could happen

From that point of view 25 games still stands out of other characters’ lore challenges. Only a few might require the same amount of time (or required in the past), and they all had many complaints and discussions which led to their change (mostly; we still have Alani’s Riptide challenge).

Is it doable? Of course. Is it in line with other challenges? Not exactly.

If we try to assess one element of the game by how hard it is or how long does it take, it’s purely subjective. But if we take other similar elements as a reference and compare it to them, it will be much more objective then.

Same with El Dragon in Ops…

I have a lot of good things to say about most of the PVP lore but 25 matches for KU is absurd. No other BB takes as much to master their PVP lore.

I see it as a very lazy and very non-creative way to force people to spend more time on the character.

It doesn’t make it any more fun.

It doesn’t provide any real desire to play him.

What good is it to implement something where people will just go, “You know what? Screw it. I’m not playing Kid Ultra because this is as boring as hell.”

I wonder if anyone in the development really thought about that deeply.

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I think most characters are played if they are balanced or slightly overpowered.

Completionist will always pick the character they don’t have mastered so that point is somewhat mute.

The lore actually adds a little incentive to people interested in challenging themselves against other players. I wonder if anyone in development thought about that.


Hopefully they add allowing lores to be done in private matches soon.

There are a lot of those completionists on the PC isle, right? That’s why there are only 304 players on Steam as I write this.

My argument is that when you implement something that will make a lot of people not enjoy it right out of the gate, what is the mindset behind making it?

It’s the same crap with the Operation missions. The first half is overall crap. The second half is okay. What’s crap about the first half; the rooftop jumping to get the OPs points. This part adds several minutes into the mission but adds nothing to the fun. This is just artificially lengthening the game with no effort whatsoever. They pulled that crap in the Pre-Sequel, and they’re doing it here even more so.

Kid Ultra’s lore already left a bitter taste in my mouth. Now he’s another character I will half ass because I’m robbed from finishing it because I despise the PvP in this game. I have no reason to play well with him, I have no motivation to complete his lore, and I’m hardly interested enough to attempt 25 games like it deserves that much of my free time.


I was getting lore progress on the drone one by looking at the ground and firing the drone directly on myself. All of his lore challenges can be completed in solo play except the one that requires his ult to affect 4 Battleborn at once. However, that one can also be done in PvE.

So none of KU’s lore challenges require PvP at all