Kid Ultra = Master of Stuns

Well we got the new hero Kid Ultra and after unlocked his second mutation i need to say = He is insane. On Level 5 his Bola got to three Bola’s and with his Level 9 Stun for 2 second he got a real nice AoE-Stun every 12 seconds :slight_smile:

Awesome Dude


Well, every additional character they come out with has to be more overpowered than the last. I was wondering how they were going to outdo Ernest. Now I know! Friggin’ ridiculous!


I use he same, except with the triple bounce and dot. I’ve been getting kills left and right (a triple without having LoS to the enemy). And he’s a great wave clear! I wish people actually went towards my drones though. I’ve had low health squishies ignore them when they’re a foot in front and they’re tanking there and I’m growing frustrated lol

Pendles is more overpowered than prenerf Alani?

He has had a more profound effect upon the game, at least.

I don’t use the DoT and the Bouncing. The Heal drones are really nice to have. I only use my bola’s to stun the enemies. How do that bouncing works? If I don’t hit an enemy does it bounce towards a near enemy or just random?

It bounces toward the nearest enemy. But it won’t hit the same one twice. I’d really reccomend it though, it’s stupidly powerful, and the dot is more preference, although when you play with three other KUs, minions become more important than a few more drones. Seriously though, the bounce let’s you shoot at walls and interrupt the ISIC at a ninety degree angle twenty feet back

I think I try it out next time. You use reload speed gear or only attack damage?

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The amount to which I want to heartily disagree with you based off of months of threads and popular opinion is absolutely enormous, but I’ve had similar discussions with you and we’re both settled in our stances. Good day sir. tips cap jumps on horse rides into sunset falls over and dies right before I cross the horizon


In the end I found that I preferred hitting for such high numbers quickly over anything else, but attack speed definitely isn’t necessary, especially as my other two gear pieces also give attack speed. Would you want to go for wave clear or lane presence? The former, attack speed and damage, the katter, reload speed

He was until people realized and remembered that some characters have reveals.

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I try it out now with a white shard item but I only have zero costs with - skill damage, - reload speed and + cooldown so I use a normal white one shard item. Second item is an epic with attack damage and attack speed. 3. item is Bola’s Target Finger :slight_smile:

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This character is insane… Ambra with her sunspots got tossed aside due to this guy

4x heal drone = home made health station
4x kleese turrets = home made shield gen
1x earnest egg = home made + damage

All this is insane with ultra passive + drone buff + earnest egg + solar sustainer = 42% damage increase to everyone near the fortress of death…

His bolas and rocket splash damage is a lot especially the stun effect… All i can say is… Kid ultra is the most op char we had out … I mean… alani hit low with her torrents unless she crits… Kid ultra hits 140 with 1 rockets and it spash the same damage… His vortex is weaker but does 3x hits

Basically kid ultra… Is ambra fused with alani… But miles stronger then the 2

This patch i foresee… Ambra and alani being shafted… And people will run kleese/ kid ultra

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I think moving the mutation from 6 to 9 would be a good move.

This would be accurate, but saddening.
Ambra won’t be left behind my dear. She is Sustained. Seriously though, his healing is too unreliable to be on the same level as Ambra. He has a much better CC though. Alani, she was messed up at first, but is perfectly fine now, if only her bubble consistently bubbled minions

He may have a stun (at level 9) but he’s not truly OP. Stop saying that. Kelvin has infinite stuns at level 1. The heals from other characters are still quite substantial. He’s a strong character, but he’s not “OP”. All characters should be strong late game and he’s no different. He’s a strong character. Not OP. His damage at early levels is okay but he can’t crit. Please stop before they pointlessly nerf a good character again…

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Ah, my aplogies, I should’ve explained what I meant better. I meant that it was random rather than targeting the highest priority target or sometimes even the closest (due to arcs). Terrible and inaccurate phrasing, sorry again

It’s all good. I just want someone to show proof whether he can or can not have a 6 second penetrating stun.

Even if it only works in the most perfect of scenarios, I’d think it’d be fun to watch a five man team get stun locked for six seconds. I implore whomever has friends to try this out and record it in somewhere like Overgrowth bunker.

It will be interesting to say the least if the devs allowed a character to have a six second stun, even if it is only possible on an extremely off chance.


Kid ultra is pretty well balanced right now but something has to be done to the bouncing bola snare stun combo. It’s very crazy atm.
I don’t agree that each hero they’ve released is stronger than the last. Pre nerf Alani was a hellish demon, pendles changed the game a bit but he’s the most balanced dlc hero imo. Ernest is a wave clearing nut job but take down his egg and that cripples him quite a bit.