Kid ultra notes and his op skins

  1. 2 support drones (up to 4 with helix option)can go onto one person, so when you get the damage amplification helix for your drones you can essentially increase the targets hp by 500(1000 with 4 drones) and increase their damage by 32%.
  2. You can put the drones on yourself.
  3. The healing over time does stop but as long as the drones alive the max hp boost will stay
  4. Finishing up the op with him and I’ll post his skins here
  5. His ult line is a danger to everyone’s sanity
    this is the skin for 40 ops points

    This is the 85 ops points skin
    I’ll be adding more throughout the day

Please add: His Ult line is a danger to everyone’s sanity.


In PvE missions & operations his Passive also buffs buildable drones (Temporal/Attack/Repair) and NPCs (like Mellka or Attikus).

The Ult has absolutely no purpose in Solo PvE…Correct?
(Not talking about minor things like Deande, Mellka and Attikus)

Besides the things I mentioned I´ve not found more yet. Though it seems to influence buidables in general, that it heals/buffs purchased drones was the biggest thing I noticed so far.

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I really wish the Ult and your Aura could help you in a 100 OPs Aria fight.

@Sm0kerCrew had an OP run with 95 points and purchased a temporal drone at the start. KU´s Passive kept the drone alive through the whole bossfight, which made evolved thralls far less intimidating.

At all, I think Passives are quiet a mystery mix…some Passives are actually influencing other skills or even seem to be a skill themselves, while others are minimal buffs (KU) and again others are more vague descriptions of a characters unique perk (Toby, Thorn, Rath).

I never know what to expect from a Passive, since they are so different all along…

Technically, it wasn’t through the entire Bossfight. Eventually it got one-shot by Aria herself.
But yes, his H5R (Swarming Nanites) seems to heal drones as well as any story NPCs (Attikus in this case), although the latter isn’t really surprising.

I believe one could spec into H10R (Explosive Entrance) and use it to shake off Evolved Thralls if necessary. But I didn’t use it once during the fight.
Kid Ultra is definitely one of the easier chars to solo the DLC, just pick H7R (Turbo Mode) and you can basically dodge everything.

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He can heal himself in a pinch with it.

Maybe you meant his passive?

One thing to note is that while he can stack damage buffs from multiple drones, if one of them dies, you will be unable to re-stack the damage buff until all of them die. For example, with two drones, you have a 34.6% damage buff, but if you lose one, you drop to 16%. If you then spawn a new drone, you stay at 16%. You have to lose both (or all, in the case of four) drones in order to stack back to the max.


…True but in a fight like that it’s too slow, you are an instant target and die fast.
I’ve tested 100 Ops with KU 10 times now, IMHO the minor healing you get with the Ult isn’t worth the risk there.
Toke tested the Explosive side and you can ask him but it didn’t seem worth it either.
So yeah, KU does well if you reload fast and can sprint fast.

btw He doesn’t like what I say about him:

If you use his ult while running it starts close to max speed, allowing for an easy escape from a mess or thralls or a quick ~700 health. It also means that your drones don’t have to heal it for you, potentially allowing them to stay alive (which prevents you from permanently losing your stacked damge buff to the bug I describe above).

I’ve also done exactly 10 100 ops runs with him, and while I agree that the ult isn’t exactly something stellar, it is handy in a pinch and can keep your 81% damage buff alive.

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You are sprinting before activating it, yes? It feels much less clunky that way.

You can heal yourself with it and knock enemies back. But it is limited

I use neither of it and he’s still good. I wonder what difference in our playstyles leads to this…

…It doesn’t knock spit back in the Aria battle, nada.

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…Good to know he can be flexible. :wink:
I fight from the back corner, only jump out and run if she camps back there.

It can give you some increased mobility

Ah yes, that’s true