Kid Ultra Optimization

I can normally play Battleborn consistently well over 60 FPS w everything maxed out, at 4k resolution, while recording with Nvidia Share. Kid Ultra demolishes my FPS. Other ppl in PVP have been commenting on it all day as well. In Chaos Rumble, it’s consistently sub 60fps with a Kid Ultra in play and, at one point, FPS hit 5-10 in a match with 4 Kid Ultras in a battle royale at a sentry. Sorta game-breaking for me.

Huh. I was in chaos rumble with 8 and had no problems. My guess is that it’s a particular graphical effect of some sort.

I also always get 60fps everywhere, but seven kid ultras tanks that to like 45 in places.

I think those vertical particles are excessive. A circle is enough. At least when it’s my own area, those particles more distract me than help.

After posting I had a Capture with seven Ultras no lag so it’s definitely only certain effects in certain maps.

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