Kid Ultra Overpowered?

is difficult too kill him when he casn stun you he can put two drones and more

He doesn’t get his stun until late in the game, and it’s easy to shut him down early in the game given how squishy he is (absolute fodder for Benedict, who also can destroy the drones with splash). The OP bit is how much he can stack on the bola (apparently the already strong bleed stacks of you take the triple shot). I could see any potential bleed stacking being removed, bounce shots dealing less damage each bounce, and stuns requiring a direct hit.

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I dont find him op. Not even strong… Is a good Sidekick but not strong alone, is less dependant than reyna but lacks self sustain if you want to heal your party or buff your main killers.

I say no. He is squishy and not that fast. Ranged characters and AoEs should be able to own him. Yes the bolas can get strong and I see them tweaking some aspects of them, like only direct hits stun/bleed type thing, but I don’t find him OP at all.

It’s only annoying when the enemy has multiple of him(which can be said about most characters). Thankfully, Chaos Mode isn’t permanent.

Stack attikus with 8 drones and have fun in chaos rumble!

He needs a Bola nerf and that’s it (I’ve been saying his since I saw the helices)


You can only stack 4 drones.

With 4 kidultra? Rly?!?!

Yes. If you try to attach a drone to someone who already has 4 drones, it will not work.

Good to know! Damn

I hope we can get some way to see how many drones we have on ourselves and how many we have active total. If the thing in the middle of the screen is supposed to do any of that, it is completely non-functional.


Ugh, not for me.

He isn’t overpowered man

It’s pretty hard to tell right now with him only being out 2 days with a good chunk of matches being in Chaos Rumble. My first instinct is to say no, but his bola’s probably do need to be toned back a bit.

Other than that I’ve been having a blast playing with and against Kid Ultra.

His healing doesn’t outdo Miko or Alani truly. He’s really good in the right hands, but he’s far from over powered. You just want his only good damage skill to be nerfed??? He’s squishy and in PvP he doesn’t last long if he’s caught on his own (which he shouldn’t be but it happens). His reloading is a detriment to his sustained damage and his accuracy is weird at times. His Bolas Snare, which is a skill shot at early levels, is his ONLY damaging skill. Besides that he needs a friend to support to get assist and kills. That’s his whole character. Why is it bad that his helix choices make it a better skill so he’s not SO dependent on others? For all of you complaining about Kid Ultra’s Bolas Snare, how would you nerf it without crippling him into a pointless child following the adults around? Ugh! He’s not even as bad as pre-nerf Alani, Pendles, or Ernest at launch. no where near. I mean really.

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I feel like he’s very balanced. I’ve never felt underpowered or overpowered. I don’t understand his ult though. He flies around and then when he exits it he just heals 500+ health to people around him (later adding damage to enemies)? Is that it? I probably just don’t understand it, but it’s probably my least favorite ult at the moment… especially trying to do that lore for it!

Well it pushes enemies away who are in the dome as well, so there’s that. I feel like it needs…something? I’m not sure what it is though. The acceleration penalty is annoying especially when it diminishes for turning. That’s not entirely fair considering the maps we fight on.

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Oh yeah, haha. That push… yeah, it definitely needs something added to its base. Like 3 or 4 pulses as you fly that push, heal, and do damage. That’d make him a decent melee counter and/or improve him as a healer.

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Okay, I legit mean just make it so the dots don’t stack or something like that. I’ve been behind the sniper area on Overgrowth and hit the wall with Bolas and gotten a triple kill. That’s ridiculous. And I’ve only played a few matches with him, and that was before unlocking the stun. So, I never said he was OP. All they did to Ernest was reduce his aoe slightly, a slight change to Bola’s would be fine. Pendles is fine and was never changed if I recall. Alani is an outlier.
His ult has roughly Holotwins cooldown and heals for a shocking amount. It’s meant to be his burst heal/save