Kid Ultra Plays Like A More Badass Tankier Alani


So, so much.

I stick to Alani in Meltdown and Capture (although I think I’ll start using KU considering what I’m about to post).

As the title mentions, to me, Kid Ultra plays very much like Alani.

Always stay near the front of battle, constantly fire at minions and Battleborn, use your Bolas Snare (R1) whenever you can, use your L1 to give yourself or allies healing / Shield regen / health regen / Attack buff drones, pop your Ultimate to move forward with a protective / damaging bubble for you and your team, use his L2 for a close range 3 rocket burst of death…just flow and weave through the battle, probably not dying much.

Throw on a free shard generator (you shouldn’t have time to actively shard hunt as KU), 2 pieces of Purple gear (I go Attack Speed / Skill Damage & Max Health / Attack Damage) or a Legendary or two and you are good to go!

Also, he is VERY fast, maybe one of the base fastest in the game?

I don’t know what buffs or nerfs will be coming for the Kid down the line (it’s hard to gauge whether he is OP or not when I’ve been doing Chaos Rumble all weekend and most matches have had at least 2 or more KUs, which you will never see in a real game outside of a private match), but it has been very nice getting in on the ground floor of this fun and awesome new character!


He don’t really play like alani to me, also what is with ISIC, have you unlocked the bottom right lore

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Thank for reminding me.
I’ll check later.



I got a friend to send me KU’s uncovered lore pic.

I can send it to you or post it here if you want.

Also, maybe it’s just my personal playstyle, but I honestly play KU almost exactly as Alani.


Please, keep us updated, good sir.

He’s especially good in Meltdown because as his basic attack has a blast radius he can wave clear rather effectively. He’s actually surprisingly well balanced currently, might seem OP but has some very effective counters (anything with a slow/stun and he’s a huge fat target).

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Nah I’m fine, I’ll earn it, but thanks though, but ISIC believes kid ultra is an omnocidal bot in the making

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Is… Is that a word? Omnicidal? Cause that may be the best word I have ever heard…

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I don’t know to be honest

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I have yet to read any of his lore that I’ve unlocked but there is definitely one respawn line Kid Ultra has that makes me believe that whatever programming he has keeping him sane and in control may be on the verge of failing:

(Upon respawn) TIME TO KILL! TIME TO KILL! series of resetting computer noises PROTECTION INSTINCTS RE-ENGAGED…

Whoa, that is really creepy, I guesse ISIC is right

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