Kid Ultra Stellar Cast Lore Challenge

I have most all of the other lore challenges done. I just can’t seem to get any of Stellar Cast done. Any suggestions/tips?

Get a group of friends together, run a story mission, have all but one of you kill yourselves and get revived once you hit level 5, then stand together to receive a heal (dying and being revived puts you at like 1/4 health, and the requirement requires healing). Repeat until finished. That’s what I plan to do.


Good plan. I just have one problem… I don’t have 4 other friends who play anymore hahaha. I can get 3 others but I just need one more.

I wonder if Deande’s holotwin would count as additional BB?

Hit up the on-line play and trading section for your platform of choice. (Or, if you’re on XB1, give me a shout!)

Get level 10 helix for heal over time. Makes it substantially easier


There’s a bug with this lore. With the level 10 healing helix you can heal someone multiple times if they leave and enter the aura repeatedly. I got two of the ten with only 2 people on a story mission.

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Thanks everyone, I just got it! Heal over time does make it very doable. Great advice.


I know you already got this, but for others… Face Off is a good one too. Either when you teleport to the boss or right after the boss. Your entire party is teleported together and close enough to do this lore.