Kid Ultra support, not really helping

I got a feeling that Kid Ultra’s drones aren’t really… good.
I love playing support, I adore Miko. And I hoped that Kid Ultra would be a decent support but his healing seems pretty bad… I have ni exact numbers for each level, but a lot of times I throw 2 drones on my ally and they are just gone in 3 seconds. Drones can be destroyed when on an ally, right? Because to me, that feels a little unfair. They only heal 400 and seem easily outdamaged.

I was just wondering what you guys were all thinking about building Kid Ultra as a support, how good he is as a support, and if it is a total waste to build him for healing over damage. Because I don’t feel like the healing helixes really help…

The tag-along drones feel bad in the current meta. There’s always an Ernest/Benedict/Orendi - and very often a combination of those - which means that even a Gali or Boldur is going to lose drones in an instant from splash damage.

I really like the stationary drones though. They’re effective when placed in cover, especially with rifts and/or sunspots, and I honestly think that’s the best choice for Kid Ultra support players right now. Bola Snare is a top notch skill, while his ult is really good since its buff, so I think he’s a very powerful support overall. Not quite up to par as a primary healer, but he makes great backup for Miko/Ambra/Alani.

But… Like, if I had to choose one support character, I’d always choose sunspots over stationary drones.

The Bola Snare is really good right now, but I feel like that is getting nerfed. Then Kid Ultra still has his amazing splash damage and easy to hit slow and both those things make him amazing. But I kinda want him to be able to help his teammates out. Been playing with my buddy as Caldarius today and the drones always random got destroyed really fast by something.

So do the drones just need more health? I am thinking it would be fair if they are undestructable when attached to an ally but maybe some people think that would be too good?

I think his support tag is misinterpreted as being the FPS definition of support, rather than the moba definition. He’s more about initiating and disabling with his Bola Snares and general damage output plus some healing utility, as opposed to being a strict healer. I wouldn’t use him as a solo healer, but as Eden said he’s a great add on to one of the main three healers.

Also, I think letting his drones get affected by healing gear would help a bit. They don’t get any bonuses from healing gear afaik.


I hate that they don’t get any bonuses from healing gear.

And I get that KU should not be used as a main healer, but now he barely even seems to heal a bit. If his bola really is where is support is supossed to come from, then I don’t know why you can even choose to put helixes in his drones than the bolas.
I hoped that KU really was a character that could be both build on healing OR damage. But the drone helixes don’t seem to affect my gameplay as much…

I also don’t really get why KU would have 2 healing skills if he really was meant to support through his damage and bolas.
Not exactly disagreeing with tou, just not really understanding Gearbox.

And I think I just really hate that the drones die so easily. Makes them useless for such a high cooldown…

That would definitely be way too good, because of the stacking +max health and damage amp. Four drones is, what, +1000 max health and +64% multiplicative damage to attack and skills?

Of course, the fact we never see this crazy god mode realized in-game is a testament to just how flimsy the drones are.

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True… the damage helix would be ridiculous, but that helix already is quite… questionable in my opnion anyways.

I guess it could work if they changed something about the damage helix and didn’t make the max health stack, but then they seem to be changing the entire character. ;p
Wouldn’t mind though. :3

Mind, this is just my interpretation of the character and from what I’ve seen. I could be totally wrong and there’s some awesome way that his healing can totally outstrip his damage/damage amp potential, probably via his ultimate which is the second best thing once he hits level 5.

Do we have any KU aficionados to call on? Ever since his Bola Snares got nerfed I haven’t seen much chatter about him.

I haven’t even seen him much in PvP since the nerf. Everyone who was playing him was just playing him for the level 9 stuns. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I hated the tension of seeing a Kid Ultra at level 8. ugh.

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Yeah true…

By the way, I’ve been thinkig about Kid Ultra more being a help with his damage and slows… but then I’d rather have a Miko or Alani in my team. Since the release of KU I never saw a reason to choose him over most of the other supports, even as a secondary one.
(Can’t continue this conversation right now but I’ll probably reply again in like 3-4 hours. Phone empty D: )

You’re thinking too single mindedly, he’s a support because he assists with both. Ult and drones to heal, passive and drones to buff, Bola to debuff and soften targets. It’s like how Reyna is a support for more than just her overshield, she also debuffs and creates a temporary shield

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Well since his bolas are fine, like his ult, I have no reason to complain about those.

Miko can slow/stun, create an area of healing while poisoning his enemies and all this is great.
Alani can slow, or damage. She can hold enemies in place so they are easy to hit or can’t escape, her ult deal good damage but is also very usefull as area denial.

Both Miko and Alani support withiut their healing skills too, that is why I see no place for Kid Ultra. His minion clear is good, but you can take Alani instead for just as good wave clear, better burst heals than KU’s ult etc etc.

Without KU’s drones he is a good support, but his drones are just lacking IMO. Good players can take them down with ease.

Well I have some experience with kid ultra so here it goes

As his lore goes, kid ultra really does fit being a sidekick because unlike miko and alani, his abilities are not necessarily to keep his allies all healed up, but to make the battle easier with increased health, easy to apply slows, and his low cooldown ult which is not only a great group burst heal, but gives the team some breathing room with the pushback, and of course the aura of justice which really gives the minions and somewhat your allies an edge too

On his drones, these little guys actually heal pretty well, and the extra health it gives is nothing to underestimate (especially stacked) later these can give damage boost, and if you move a lot, these drones are actually hard to hit (though as eden mentioned, orendi, ernest, and benedict make it hard to see their usefulness) once again, the drones are as I see it, a power up especially with later on helixes

Now the Bola snares. (We are going to pretend his wombo combo helix is fixed because I’m pretty sure it is) this is probably the easiest to hit projectile slow in game, not only does it have a good slow and pass through everyone, It does good damage too (especially with that OP bleed helix) so it softens them up. Now st level 9, you can either get a stun, or a Bola that becomes an AOE slow everytime it hits an enemy (it still passes through everything it hits too) so this is a choice of single target focus, or a REALLY easy to achieve group slow

Now to the aura of justice. This passive is really good despite how low the bonuses are, because it powered up you minions, and allies at that, so if you are not the only wave clearer, you will dominate, at level five, you have a choice of a longer duration, bigger area for each ally battleborn with you, or a minor heal. Personally I find hero in training really only helps with battleborn kills/assists, as you can always keep the minion kill bonus up, power of friendship actually gets rid of one flaw in his passive, and that is battleborn grouping up and getting hit by AOE, with this helix you nullify it through bigger AOE. Now swarming nanites I have mixed feelings about, it’s a VERY minor bonus heal, yet keeping all your minions healing is never a bad thing, as you have the damage to already quickly destroy a wave with your rockets, and their is likely to be an ally with you, this won’t help much with other battleborn, but while I think it’s needs a buff, I say it’s not a bad helix to get, and if it’s buffed to a 20 per second heal, then this is definitely a hard helix level to decide on

Now to the rescue. The true power of this ability is its spammability, seriously a 30 second cooldown is awesome, and disruption at that, plus you have a choice of damage or HOT AOE never take the mutation

Hope this helps


Didn’t really think of his passive, kinda forgot it existed… I guess his passive is pretty damn good, but I don’t notice it since I play KU myself so I have to ask my buddies about it. I actually like going for the heal to push with my minions, so I think that is a good thing that KU can do…
(Though Alani could do the healing part better because she can get heals on Riptide or Geyser buuuut let’s not immediately drag Alani in this conversation again. ;p)
I like his Bola… Makes him better, bleed is pretty damn good. Haven’t used it for no particular reason really. XD Probably because if you take the triple+stun bola it gets pretty damn OP and I don’t like playing OP characters.

But I still feel like there are characters to choose instead of KU that can do the same, and more. I’ve said Miko and Alani earlier. While I don’t think Miko can do the same, I do actually think they come close to what KU talking about CC and stuff, but instead of high damage Miko has high healing. I’m not very comfortable to really compare Miko to KU since they fill very different roles.
Since Reyna is usually a character taken as a second healer I wanted to compare her to KU, but they just are nothing alike IMO so I am still getting back to Alani.

Alani can do what a drone can better, but without having to use a skill. Wellspring is GREAT and it takes less time to build up than the cooldown on a drone is. It can eventually give damage reduction to an ally for a bit, but, unlike KU, she cannot buff her allies.

CC. Alani has Riptide, which pushes away a lot of enemies, just like KU’s ult can. At the same time, you can choose for this ability to heal so you can help push minion waves. [quote=“cadecampbell, post:14, topic:1553786”]
Now the Bola snares. This is probably the easiest to hit projectile slow in game
Easiest to hit projectile slow, but Riptide is a slow that is much easier to hit than this thing. Yeah, you need to choose it on level 4 and it competes with the damage. KU will have a better slow than Alani if Alani does not take the lvl 4 helix, but then she would end up with better wave clear. With Alani, you can actually choose what the team needs.

This is my complete opinion on KU, but I still think his skills are really good and usefull! And he is extremely fun to play. KU and Alani also kinda fill a different role, but I feel that if KU had one more thing going for him, there is a reason to choose him over her in some situations.

But his drones, that you say are hard to hit, really aren’t in my opnion. My buddy who I was playing with was Caldarius… He is like, one of the fastest guys in the game. We were up against an Ambra and a Whiskey most of the time but the drones just died so easily every time someone even looked at him. She only had to tell someone to wash their filthy hands, and the drones seemed to die out of fear or something.
While most of KU’s kit is good, and imo his ult is AWESOME, but his drones are so lackluster… On paper they sound so awesome, but in game they are so… Meh.

I mean, I know how to play KU and I barely ever miss my drones lately which I am very proud of. XD When he got released, I played non-stop untill I mastered him but I couldn’t really form an opinion because Chaos Rumble…

But if literally nobody agrees with me I think I just need to git gud. ;p