Kid Ultra's legendary "Dramatic Rescue"

Can someone explain exactly how Kid Ultra’s legendary gear works? I can’t find a thread that explains it clearly as it is slightly vague in how it works. I apologize if this answer is somewhere already and I just can’t find it.

I’ll be surprised if anyone uses it.
Like some of the other character legendaries you can do better with other gear.
KU’s probably has a chance of bringing the healing close to 14%, which is what you can get anyway.
Anyway, the wiki has numbers on it but you probably won’t find any love for it.

Isn’t it something like “the longer you stay in To The Rescue, the more healing you do”?

Idk, it’s kind of a trash legendary anyways.

Yes but the ceiling is 10 seconds.

It mean u need to spend full duration lets say it last 6 seconds (i dont know how long it last).
6 = 100% = 15% heal/ dmg for 10 seconds
1 second in that mode would mean 2.4% heal/dmg for aprox 1.6 seconds maybe 2