Kid Ultra's place as a support

So, I’ve played a decent amount of Kid Ultra, enough to get a good feel for his kit and how he functions on the battlefield. Honestly? He’s alright. But I don’t see any reason to use him over Miko.

His primary fire, it’s consistent and deals pretty good damage, although I find myself constantly using his triple rocket attack, mainly for wave clear. His primary attack I see better suited to a longer range, more precise form of attack. His bolas is…decent. Moves through multiple targets and can be heavily augmented to stun, deal more damage, bounce etc. His healing abilities however, I find lackluster. My main issue with the drones is their tracking, their health, the amount of healing they give and the cooldown on the ability. The fact that you have to aim with these things irritates me. Look at Reyna’s over shield, imagine if you had to drop a purple orb, and whoever picks it up gets the over shield, or if you had to aim it like you do with Kid’s drones. I don’t see why the ability didn’t function similarly to Reyna’s overshield tracking.

They seem to die fairly quickly to, especially when you take into account the cooldown they have. I know you can reduce the cooldown at level one and with mods but even then, the healing they provide just isn’t as impactful. Fair enough, he can attack and heal, but for what his offensive capabilities are, I feel like his healing should be just a bit better on the drones. Miko’s healing is greater, much greater, since it can’t attack while healing, but can assist by throwing out a spore bomb. Alani, to me, is a much better combat healer. She can attack to build her healing power. She thrives in situations with lots of targets, or big targets. She can heal massive amounts of health in very little time. Ambra can operate multiple healing stations. She can sustain them, providing great healing not only for her, but for the entire team. Her staff can knock back, burn and reveal as utility. Her sunspots can also reveal and increase damage dealt to enemies temporarily. All her abilities come together for a mix of offence and defence.

Kid ultra though…AOE rockets, a versatile utility ability, healing drones with a long-ish cooldown and small healing over time. I know they also increase health, but again, these drones seem to get destroyed easily and are difficult to aim in certain situations. His ultimate also requires you to build speed. His passive revolves around being close to team mates but his ultimate works best when he’s far away? I just don’t see how his kit comes together like the other support kits do. I don’t see why a Kid Ultra would be better than a Miko or an Ambra. Maybe I’m wrong, but this is just what I’ve gathered.

So please, enlighten me as to why Kid Ultra would be a good pick over Miko, Alani or Ambra. My best guess would be that he is built to be a side support and not a main, but what do I know :sweat_smile:

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simply, he wouldn’t, imo he’s not a pure healer, more a support healer, he’s just don’t heal enough to keep the team alive, he’s best used as offheal/heal support with damage

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Yup, I wouldn’t use him as a main healer. He works best in tandem with a dedicated Miko, Ambra or Alani, because even with the +2 drones helix and his ultimate it still spreads his healing thin. Then again I think I’d still rather have Reyna as an off healer, since her helix choices make her overshields a better choice if keeping the team alive is the intent.

Kid’s kit is better used for preemptively keeping certain players alive and dishing out lots of damage. He doesn’t do so much for the non-tank frontliners who have to deal with lots of incoming damage over time, since their drones will get burned through well before Kid can supply another one. He seems to work better in well coordinated teams who can work around his kit and pick characters that have good synergy with him, ie not pugs.

He’s a very soft support at best, I’d label him as a burst damage character first and foremost, especially since Bola Snare is very strong.


He’s actually the team buffer of the game, not a healer imo

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He’s as much of a support character as Kelvin is. Even though it’s not one of his calling cards, Kelvin was designed to play sorta like a side kick/support character. He mass stuns, has good wave clear with Chomp and his secondary, and is suppose to become really strong late game with his health stacking. And he has helix choices that benefit yourself from being near other Battleborn sorta like KU’s “Aura of Justice”.

A quote from the dev that designed Kelvin.

“Tank and support characters are two of my favorites, so I’m a big fan of Kelvin. I play Kelvin aggressively as an initiator while also keeping tabs on the battlefield, looking to help a teammate in trouble. After pinging my focus target, I love diving into a group of enemies, stunning them with Sublimate to initiate a team fight and watching as my team pours in to help pick off the enemies.”


KU has a wave clear secondary as well, has a mass stun, and a strong late game because of that stun. KU’s Ult is similar to Kelvins in the sense it is purely for support. The only other Battleborn with Ults like that are Reyna and Miko. And it’s basically an anti-wave clear Ult. So instead of damaging the opposing team and their minions like Ambra, he heals his own instead. Giving his team and minions the upper hand, as opposed to giving the enemy a lower one.

His drones are also much better at supporting yourself so that you can keep supporting your team with wave clear and eventually stuns. He is not a “healer” by any extent, and you should treat him similarly to having a Kelvin on your team IMO. Meaning you should have a healer and KU.

The confusion comes from the ability to cast “Permafrost/Iceheart” on his teammates instead of just himself. Or I may be wrong, but this is just my current two-cents.

Kid ultra is a difficult healer, his bolas skill is rly good and hard to not get it over drones.

Kid ultra has two ways to heal: single target or AoH.

Single target heals works best to support your best team member instead of keep everyone full heal. In my opinion you should support assasins>pushers>snipers>tanks. KU cant sustain a tank, snipers shouldnt be in range of danger, pushers have a nice dmg power dealing faster with waves, assasins can push away the other team or kill. if your teamates sucks you would regret to not get bolas dot.

Área of heal is better to heal minions wave and heal more than 1 target at time, irc heal power affects aoh drones and not single target drones (this can change today if it was a bug). No need to aim your drones wich means more drones in lane instead of wasted drones/seconds trying to aim. You should consider aoh drones if deande,om,pendless are in your team.

I belive KU is a mid/long range character thats why his ult works like that. I use it to move around the map and self heal instead of chase/save a teamate. You can end in a bad position trying to save someone, is better to use it everytime is aviable and with those who need some healing but you dont want to waste a drone.

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This is how they originally worked and after much discussion they changed it. They felt that people would enjoy it more if a skillshot was required. It feels a lot more rewarding to nail a direct shot with Kid Ultra than it does with Reyna because of the amount of skill involved. Not everyone likes this of course.

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Kelvin is cooler than kid ultra, some might say he’s cold as ice.

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Kelvin a beast, late game meltdown, kelvin can have like 8000 health, seriously he can 4v1 and have a chance of winning at that point

He probably could but meltdown rarely times out. I can’t remember the last time a meltdown match went 30 minutes. The longer the match progresses the more beastly Kelvin becomes.

Well if you ever have a late game of meltdown again kelvin is CRAZY scary even if you can crit him a whole lot with whiskey and Montana or ghalt

Meltdown is definitely the place I’m going to get worthy of song with Kelvin and I am going to get worthy of song with Kelvin.

After playing Kid Ultra exclusively for a few days, I have a slightly different opinion.

So, to me anyway, he feels more like an attacker with some support abilities. His triple bouncing bleed bolas work wonders in debilitating enemy players and minions. Cluster rockets do a good job with dealing burst damage at close range, even if they aren’t the most accurate due to travel speed. The splash damage is great for minion waves, so he’s great as a wave clearer, or assisting in wave clear. I find myself using the mutation that causes a drone that’s finished healing, to seek a nearby enemy and explode for 200+ damage. I mix between having a drone follow someone, and having it as a ground AOE heal. I lean more towards having it follow people as most players don’t seem to take notice of the AOE, although I don’t have a mic to tell people. He is an off-support, side support, secondary support. However you want to word it. I’ve found that with good enough teams, kid ultra is enough to keep people topped up, but he still is nowhere near as good as a dedicated healer. He is more of a support attacker with some healing abilities to me. My only real issue is his passive, I still don’t understand how it works with the rest of his kit. It’d be better if it was something else entirely.

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