Kid Ultra's Ult and Skill Dmg

So I figure it wouldn’t just cause his base ult deals no default dmg but when you reach lvl10 and choose the dmg helix does skill dmg also factor into it?

It would, yes

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I know this would be personal choice but between Bola’s and the Codex, which skill dmg item would you prefer on Kid Ultra?

Bola’s. Helps team more and recoil from codex isnt nearly as helpful as attack speed

Bola’s definitely. 10 sec mass debuff on everything with a single use of Bola’s (Skill) is pretty damn good imho.

If you go triple Bola stun over 16% damage amp definitely the aptly named Bola’s target finder.

Triple stun bleed on a bouncing/homing projectile that debuffs everyone affected? Yes please.


Nice, also the codex does max health instead of recoil now

I see, so is this confirmed that the V bola’s can all stack the Bola’s 10 sec debuff? Sounds pretty intense and I’ve been debating which item to farm for and seems like Bola’s it is! So thanks for that guys I appreciate it

Huh. Still Bola’s lol. Triple triple bounce on something that debuffs is far too strong

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