Kiith Naabal mod (i am starting)

(Vratislav Sramek) #1

Hello moders
I am new here and i starting moding Homeworld.
I want to do Kiith Naabal fleet (mothership, frigates, corvettes and fighters)
Here is a mothership caled Arc (only Wings 3D screenshots)

Feel free to comment

(Taiidan Republic Mod) #2

Yes! Brilliant to hear about a new mod!

I like the ship design, but be careful about syle. The engine looks a bit Taiidan - in fact the whole thing slightly resembles a Qwaar-Jet. But I like the details, especially the front, the bridge and the aerials!

I look forward to seeing more from you. Have you got any ships in game yet?

(Vratislav Sramek) #3

Thanks to reply Dom2.
Ship design is a bit of a mix.
Kiit Naabal clan its an industrial Kiit. So i want to do unique design.
I created some frigates (which i will be edited soon).
And yes i created some others ships to mi card game Lord of Galaxies.

This ship called Nova. I do some re-edit of these ship and use it as fighter or bomber

(Vratislav Sramek) #4

Interior update

(Taiidan Republic Mod) #5

I do like it, but I would question how “homeworldy” those hexagons are. Sometimes you have to sacrifice cool for authenticity…

Very much looking forward to see this nabaal fleet take shape :slight_smile: keep up the good work.

(jelrak) #6

Very nice beginning…!

(Vratislav Sramek) #7

Very thanks !

(Vratislav Sramek) #8

I edited my old ship Nova. Its beam fighter and his codenamed is T.U.R.T.L.E.

Progression image

and model preview
[b]turtle[b](View in 3D)

(REARM V2) #9

How the hell did I missed this. How the hell did I get here from the facebook sci-fi group? :slight_smile: I like what I’m seeing. Man if you need help with getting them on game, we’re here.

If I had two bits of criticism, the ships are slightly on the stylized minimalistic side detail-wise. But honestly, if it’s a new kiith, there’s no style precedence and it’ll help you in the long run, you’ll be faster. The second is the mentioned being slightly off the Homeworld style. Example: I’m also planning to expose inner workings of a ship with my Vaygr production carrier. I also wanted to make the insides perfectly visible, until I remembered the basic rule: Homeworld hangars are always bathing in light. Same goes for you, if you want to be authentic, you should flood at least the further ends of the hangar in blinding brightness.

But you don’t know how happy it makes me to see a new mod with nicely made original ships. :slight_smile: Keep it up! We’re all excited. :slight_smile:

(Vratislav Sramek) #10

Thanks Pouk. Yes on the Arc ship i reedited some details and maybe shape. One question how much polygons can may have ships? And about interior, yes its too dark. But i like the shadows in there, u know?
The shadows in interior its products of lighting coming out of there.
But yes maybe i reedite this because i need authenticity.:grin:
Oh yees please help my with the implementation. I really not scripter or programer guru :joy:. I buy leadwerks engine in Steam and doo nothing because scripts :dizzy_face:.

(Vratislav Sramek) #11

A.R.C. base shape editing now!

(Vratislav Sramek) #12

A.R.C. - Cruiser destroyer dock edit

(Taiidan Republic Mod) #13

I echo what @Pouk said, its great to see a new mod in the works. I would also recommend a few more details on that interceptor. Was it inspired by the turtle concept?

(Vratislav Sramek) #14

Yes that is it!

(Hero Crafter 1987 (Homeworld Universal Conquest Mod)) #15

I was gonna say the same thing. It’s like the Taiidan Qwaar-Jet was turned into a battlecruiser.

(REARM V2) #16

So how is it going?

(Taiidan Republic Mod) #17

I fear this mod has died :frowning:

(Hero Crafter 1987 (Homeworld Universal Conquest Mod)) #18

Maybe so…

(Vratislav Sramek) #19

Mod its not dead (i wish). I must stop working for this now. Because i have no time for this yet (i build my own house).

(Taiidan Republic Mod) #20

Wow, that is cool! I feel like building your own house is more satisfying than building your own mod…