Kiith Naabal mod (i am starting)

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You can’t live in your mod and you can’t fly your house into space. Both have a level of dissatisfaction in them. :smiley:


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I look forward to seeing what you can do when you come back to modding after your house is done.

Have you considered doing something like the ships in the Re-Hash mod for HomeWorld2 by EvilleJedi?


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Well i still dont have more time. Of course when i’ve been finish of this challenge :joy: i contact you soon.

So i have no skills with Re-hash mod

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The what now? That sounds cool… What is it?


(Gregorymthompso1) #25

It is an old mod available from Evillejedi‘s website. (

I don’t know if you need to do anything with it, it is just a mod (the first mod he did for Homeworld2 to help him learn what he needed to know to make mods for it). There are a lot of interesting ships. The models are not very good but the concepts are and so I thought it might be a good source to give you ideas for the models you make for your mod.


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it should be available at

I would contact EvilleJedi directly on these forums.


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@VaultHunter101 something weird is going on. @gthompson replied to me, but my message has disappeared… This is the second time that has happened in a few days…


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If you mean a quote of your message in gthompson’s reply, that’s a new thing that the forum platform (Discourse) does: you can no longer quote a post in full if your reply will be the very next post in the thread, and such replies are automatically removed by the system without generating an edit notification. Personally, not something I’m in favour of, but we’re kind of stuck with it. If that isn’t what you were referring to, fire me a PM and we’ll try and sort it out.

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Looks greAt