Kill 25 X Challenges Alternative?

All the other lore challenges seem to revolve around the number 5 at least.

ISIC: Play with Kleese 5 times
Ghalt: Play with other faction faces 5 times
Shayne: Play with Reyna 5 times

You could complain about being lucky enough to find or not ever find someone in a group, but its actually really easy to complete the “play with” challenges and they only take 5 games.

In contrast we have challenges like these:

WTF: Kill Oscar Mike 25 times.
Gals: Kill Ambra 25 times.

These require the LUCK that someone will be playing this on the enemy team. Your friends cannot really help you get them because securing these kills without them getting away has a crap ton of extra variables involved. A lot more variables than simply having them on the enemy team.

I offer 2 solutions:

A: Replace the ‘kill X 25 times’ challenges with ‘kill X [5 or 10] times’.

or my personal favorite:

B: Win 5 matches against X.

I think this would be a far better way to handle the challenges. It is still earned through effort, and it isn’t very complicated. Winning 5 games allows it to be potentially as simple as the “Play with X 5 times” challenges.

The “play with” challenges should be the standard for achievements requiring other players. If it can’t be done in comparative ease then it is probably too much.

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The “play with x character” ones aren’t too bad since you can clearly see what your team has before hand and can match what you need with what they have.

The “kill x character” ones are just plain awful though. There’s no way that I know of to see what the enemy team has before you start.

For example, Galalia needs to kill Ambra 25 times. I hate playing Galalia, I feel I terrible with her because I get team jumped every time and even if on the rare occasion I do well with her, I get called names for it. No one even fracking plays Ambra when I pick her, it’s awful and not fun.

My point is that the play with X 5 times ones are great because they can be easily accomplished, but the kill X 25 times are far worse.

I changed the OP wording to try to fix the potential clarity issue.

Totally Agree. I’m not liking the “Kill X 25 times” challenges. It’s one of the most annoying Lore challenges that require so much luck, and for you to go out of your way to complete.

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“Kill X times” is just horrible and promote bad attitude from players. You will often see Galileas rush in to kill that Ambra not caring if they die as long as they get the kill. I would have preferred it to be changed to either of the following options.

  • Kill or assist in killing x character x amount of times
  • And as someone mentioned, win x amount of victories over x character

Well at least I can complete those challenges. I find plenty of Oscar Mikes and Ambras. My problem is the Toby core discharge double kills for 10 times. It hard to do it even once let along get 10.

This challenge is also a total tragedy, but its not the same kind of challenge. It is definitely BS though.

I’m completely avoiding playing gallilea and foxtrot Cuz of those lore challenges. It will just make the player aim for the target the entire game and ignore team based objectives.