Kill a certain character lore

Alani, gallilea and foxtrot all have it. Please make it so assists count at least. Pvp lore stuff is not fun and people get sidetracked from objectives because of them. Besides there’s no way of telling if the enemy team has an Ambra or Mike until everyone picks their characters…


I actually like that some of the lore challenges are harder to complete. A lot of them aren’t really challenges as you just need to do what you would normally do in a match. Where’s the prestige in that? Not having a character mastered isn’t game breaking, you just don’t get the little icon and skin.

I don’t know much about Galilea’s or Alani’s lore and having to kill Ambra, but Whiskey needing to kill Oscar makes sense.

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I think the lore challenges are stupid and detrimental to teamplay.


Well and you miss out on the character lore for people who care about that. I however want to have a Master title for my favorite characters and that skin because they are so cool.

If the lore challenges actually made sense for the character it could just be a side activity you can earn while playing the character correctly, problem is Gearbox hasn’t figured it out yet.

This. THIS. This is my entire problem with the lore challenges being PvP focused and not able to be done in private matches. The ‘kill a specific character’ ones are the worst of the bunch. I’m bad enough at PvP anyway without having to worry about being the one to get a killstrike on one specific person repeatedly.

The game is encouraging me to run off and grief a single player for kills, probably making the match less fun for my teammates too, just because I want to know the story behind my favorite characters.


What about the legendary gear? That makes a big impact actually, tailored to your character.


Personally I don’t even use Oscar Mike’s or Phoebe’s legendary gear so I overlooked that.

However, my stance remains on the prestige aspect. I wouldn’t feel like much of a special snowflake if everyone had the same “Master of _____” title and I would feel less inclined to use it (i.e., Oscar Mike, Phoebe, Marquis).

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To me the problem is it almost seems backwards how they reward it… the gear should be something you get from simply leveling them up to 15 or something. The skin and title should be the rewards for completing the lore challenges.

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That’s a bit tarnished by the fact that some characters have laughably easy challenges that only require you to play a lot and nothing else (like Boldur, whose most difficult challenge is getting an all-Eldrid team).

To be fair, Boldur deserves a break. lol Attikus gets some nasty ones, but I think the kill x player 25 times is still the worst.

I feel like those mastery challenges are rather lackluster in immersion, just as you said with Boldur. I literally do not have to do anything differently to complete a lot of it, so I don’t feel accomplished at the end of it nor do I feel encouraged to complete them quickly.

I am more interested in the dark blackish skins than the items. But I refuse do the challenges for that. Give us something that is both an accomplishment and a benefit to the team and does not include griefing others.


For the record guys we’ve got what boils down to a similar topic/discussion going on over here. If you want to pop in and add some agreement all in one place maybe we can get Gearbox to re-think how they’re doing the lore challenges and how they effect team play.


I’d wouldn’t mind if these lore challenges got replaced with something a little more reasonable. I enjoy doing most of them, casually letting them complete as I play the character; however, the kill X of a certain character just is not something I can always control. Instead, its up to fate/RNG on how many times I’m paired against that hero, rather than time/skill of actually being able to kill them.

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They need to add an alternate option or make them count in private versus. I got so much negative comments last night from my team as soon as they saw I was Galilea and the opposite team had an Ambra. I played my part and did what i had to do and not get side tracked and I only managed 1 kill on her. there were plenty of times I could of just went full on at her but the situation would of easily gotten me killed and even stopped my teams push. But it seems like they aren’t gonna look into this anytime soon. Haven’t seen anything from Gearbox addressing this.


Thay all make sense but it doesn’t make them less frustrating to get.

Oh you said it! I’m aweful at PvP :frowning: but I think that they could do multiple things to help.

-Change the challenges completely

-Make alternate challenges for the lore pieces, so there are several different ways for people to unlock it.

-Change private multiplayer: make it do you can edit who’s on which team so you can complete the challenges.

-Or, they can make some kind of key or pass that are in loot packages or easily earnable when playing. That way you can skip the challenges you can’t do

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These lore challenges are so poorly designed it makes my head spin.

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Please contribute to that existing thread, thanks.