Kill ambra lore

I play solo, I hate how this lore “Kill Ambra 25 times” is. I do not mind playing pvp for a bit to unlock something, but this is dumb. I have to hope the other team has her and even if they do I might get 1-3 kills on her if I just go after her, so it would take a crap ton of matches to do and get her legendary gear piece. I played 15 matches and not one time did I get a team that had her on it., so 4-5 hours and not even a 1/25 to show for it. I think lore should be do this or this, or solo pvp 5 on 5 should Count, at lest then I could keep exiting till I get a vs with her


A lot of the lore unlocks for characters have something ridiculous you could not normally do without putting hundreds of hours in. I do not know what the legendary gear is like that you get from unlocking lore but i doubt its sooo good as to justify the insanity.

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I don’t think it’s that bad. After a few more weeks more people will have unlocked Ambra so she’ll appear more often and given that reaching level 15 with a character takes a LONG time you’ll have plenty of time to complete the challenge. It can stink, but it works.

I sucks because you can’t tell when the enemy team has an Ambra. I constantly pick other characters, then we fight an Ambra. I pick Galilea, no Ambra. I only need that challenge to complete, but I still need 20 kills.


Can you play private matches with a friend?

Does this work?

I haven’t tried but I’m 100% sure it doesn’t work as private matches don’t count exp or anything of the sorts its a game mode to just practice I could be wrong since I haven’t tried it but like I said the private mode doesn’t count exp or anything earned from my experience doubt lore would count.


Honestly I agree it’s a bit much. I’ve unlocked others within a few days, this is so dependent on luck!

And the gear you get is a bit underwhelming especially when you look at others.


Well my trick was I messaged the ambra on the other team and asked if I could kill them either wed feed eachother or after a certain amount of kills I would afk I just finally beat it after destroying the ambra who wouldn’t listen to me. I would tell you the item I got but I don’t want it to be nerfed so I wont post what I got but its way better then the legendary item I got for her in the beta and now ill be even more op.

Been trying to get this done all day. I have 3 kills. From one game.

The other 5 games? No Ambra on the enemy team. 3 other games someone instalocked Galilea away (luckily no Ambra on the enemy team).

This task is simply frustrating, RNG, and dumb. It corrupts the way I play if I see an Ambra, makes me furious if I only get the assist, and fatigued when I go 4+ hours without making any progress. This, Whisky Foxtrot’s (which is even harder due to how bad he is),

Sure, it’s not hard. It’s certainly no “Deal 2k damage in a single use of blade rush” but that can be done with the right setup. Nor is it as mechanically daunting as “Kill 20 players with Volley while airborne.” It’s also not as awkward as "Play on a team composed of all Eldrid teammates. " or “glide for 3 hours.” However, these kinds of lore challenges are actually statistically capable of being unattainable. Statistically possible, but also very much statistically improbable.

Everything else has a guaranteed shelf life. These are literally capable of taking hundreds of hours away from you.


How do you do blade rush lore? that’s all I need and I cant due it due to blade rush being ■■■■ when you aim point blank it misses most of the time lol and it doesn’t do enough damage I wonder what to build gear and helix wise for it.

This guy seems to have figured it out.

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As far as the Ambra lore goes at this point I’ve developed a philosophy. I plan to (once I’ve beaten the kill Ambra challenge) play Ambra and let Galileas kill me for maybe 10 matches. Until said time if the enemy team Ambra doesn’t play nice, I don’t play nice. Just steamroll them. I’m mostly saying this because I just had a really frustrating match, but… yeaaa…

I so much hate PVP lore challenges, especially since you can’t do them private =/
I mean I get why they did it, to stop people “boosting” I guess; I prefer when playing public is optional, but not when you’re forced to do it to unlock stuff.


I agree that these types of challenges can be annoying. Can this be done in a private match with bots?

The one that bugs me is the Boldur “have a team of all Eldrid” lore requirement. I have absolutely no control over this…

If you haven’t tried, how are you 100% sure. Someone should try!

I will tonight and report back…

Alright! After spending 7-8 hours on pvp I have managed to get 5 Ambra kills! WHOW! HECK YEA!


I attempted with a friend, it does not work

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These are the WORST kinds of challenges…

They paste RNG all over themselves, and then add EVEN MORE chaotic randomness by including a “human factor”… T_T