Kill cam ideas,opinions

Let me get it out of the way saying I’m totally for a kill cam option. But it would be amazing too see while in the kill cam the other opponents who had an assist in your death. Ghalt got you with a headshot KO, show that. Rath was swirling around you that whole time, show that. And that Oscar mike that was peppering you from 30 ft away the whole time that mayhem was going down, show that. To me I would rather watch that in the 20-45 seconds I have to wait to respawn than my pug team mates rushing back to the line. At least I could see the strategy the other team used to take me down.
What is the community’s opinion on kill cams? I know there are threads about them but I haven’t read them all. So what’s your thought on it?


As long as I can skip it when I need to I’d love this option. Esp when I question how I died.

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And once you skip it, it could just go to how it is now. Just watching your team mates.

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That would be nice that way you can try to watch your teammates back sooner just in case.

Would be cool and a great learning experience for players to know exactly how they’ve died, what the opposite player did better to kill you… etc.

Exactly. And it would be better to watch that while waiting to respawn lol

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