Kill Confirmed and Multiple Shots

The Wiki only has a small description on this skill.

Says nothing about follow on shots while still under ADS.

Say I were to ADS over 3 seconds which would then give me a 40% Critica hit bonus if specced at 5/5.

Buuuut…I have a Lyuda and keep the trigger down and NEVER come out of ADS.

Is that 40% Critical Hit damage boost applied to every follow on shot until I come out of ADS??

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As long as you’re aimed down the sights, you’ll get the damage bonus even if you stop shooting for a minute. You should be able to see the little stack counter at the bottom of your screen when you zoom in?

[quote=“johnrr6, post:1, topic:1554968”]Is that 40% Critical Hit damage boost applied to every follow on shot until I come out of ADS??[/quote]Yes


That makes it a pretty darn good bonus on a gun like a Lyuda…even a Shredder…LadyFist…Oh my

And mix it with Rising Shot…

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That’s the reason I spec 1 point into it for Leg. Sniper COM. Getting a full bonus is extremely rare for me but it’s not too uncommon to see it at least activate 1 stack. 6/5 is 10 % crit per stack. I’m not going to invest more into it since it’s so occasional but I’m glad to have that kind of advantage around situationally for 1 point.

Yeah I don’t ADS for very long in the middle of a BL2 firefight, so I normally also toss 1 point in for sniper Zero and leave it at that. However, I didn’t know it affected follow on shots, so that might be useful for Terra or something like that, dunno…

6/5 would be a 48% Critical Hit bonus if I’m reading the skill corectly…since it’s 8% per skill point but 48 or 60…who cares…that’s still a nice boost either way

Turns an ADS LadyFist into a sure approx 850% Critical hit weapon and that is without Zer0’s other Critical hit bonuses!

Hawkeye would be huge as well!

Well, fair enough. It’s not exactly 10 %. It’s 9.6 % per stack at 6/5. I didn’t remember the exact number and didn’t want to count it so I just rounded it, lol.

Is the skill listed damage on the skill tree caculator different then actually what happens in game??

Please don’t misconstrue…I’m just curious because the BL2Skills skills tree shows 8% per point

Is there some other Zer0 skill that is adding to it to make 9.6??

Or am I missing something obvious??

It has up to 5 stacks that build up when you keep aiming down sights. So when it says “up to 48%” at 6/5 that means it’s 48 % at 5 stacks. One stack with 6/5 skill points makes it 9.6 % per stack and 5 stacks 48 %.

Ahhhh…simple math and if I could just READ and comprehend…I would have understood that.