Kill *insert character* 25 times

Since I play both Galilea and Whiskey Foxtrot, I have to say, these challenges are too much. I rarely ever see an Ambra, and Oscar mike Has a bit too many advantages over admittedly buff worthy Whiskey foxtrot. I think that they should be toned down to only 10.

This has already been asked about in two different threads:


As I told the poster of this thread:

Having our thoughts scattered across different threads just creates noise and should be limited to one or two threads at most.

This is a specific topic. I’m fine with PVP lore challenges. PVP is half of the game, of course you have to play that every now and again to complete challenges. I’m specifically asking for the kill certain character challenges to be lowered to ten.

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Honestly, I’d rather it be extended to kills or assists. Or maybe “top damage assists” It’s just heartbreaking working your ass off chasing an Ambra through hell and back only to have the kill stolen from you at the last second by a Toby or Marquis who got lucky.

Took me 54 games to get 25 Oscar Mike kills.