Kill *insert character* lore challenges

They really need to go. They are the only challenges that you really have no control over. Every other challenge you have some control over and it’s just a matter of having the skill or patience to get it done.


I wish it could be either or with another option. Like to unlock characters, for example, you do the challenge or get to certain rank. So maybe it could be kill xx char xx times OR complete this challenge whichever comes first.

Im a solo player so I wish there was another option.

edt: im even okay with the optional other challenge being something super crazy hard, just something non pvp related


I’m sure I’m beating a dead horse at this point, but yes, I too wish there was an alternative solo method to those lore challenges.

I don’t mind it being a huge grind either, and I’d be perfectly happy to do it in private story mode or PvP versus bots if that could be an option.


Against bots should be fair, 25 kills still probably requires a couple games at least. Like most games these days I wish not every single part was a grind, it’s like let up with some of the content so not everything feels like dragging an anchor uphill.


One change that might work.

“Kill _____ in 5 separate matches,” so it functions like the “Play a match with _____” type lore.

You might even add “Kill or assist in killing …”

You’d only need 1 kill or assist on that target to satisfy the requirements, then you could play like normal the rest of the match. You could probably just play like normal the whole time and get an assist on them.

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I agree that these lore challenges are frustrating. It is not just that you have to kill a certain hero, it is that plus the fact you have to kill them 25 times. Even if you get pretty lucky and that enemy hero is in the match, you still need to get the kills, unlike other unlocks where you just have to play with other heroes. And, bear in mind, this requires:

  1. You picking the hero that needs to do the challenge
  2. An enemy picking the hero that needs to be killed
  3. You killing them

Even if you pick the same hero every match, depending on the popularity of the enemy hero you need, you will only face that hero around 20% of the time (maybe more, maybe less). So, you have a chance to work towards the unlock 20% of the time, roughly.

Like I said in another thread, challenge is good. I like most of the lore challenges. However, having to basically get lucky to work towards these ones is infuriating.

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I just find them super annoying because I’m not a huge fan of PvP. I don’t mind if they’re a lower number (instead of 25 make it 10 or even 15). It can really take a lot of enjoyment out of the game because you start to go solo and hunt whoever plays the character you need the kills of because otherwise you’ll only get between 0-2 kills of that character per match (2 if you’re lucky/good/both). Toby is the worst, but the community has made it’s opinion on that VERY clear to GBX.


If I’m being completely honest? I dislike the PVP challenges in general, I don’t like how they force a player into PvP to achieve them.

So, here’s the thing. Let’s say that someone wants to finalise their character before they actually start playing PvP proper? They won’t have a chance to practise, really, with their final character. It’ll compel the player to dive right into PvP and focus on lore objectives.

This, in turn, will actually lead to new players being vilified in PvP because they’re going after lore achievements rather than the mode’s objectives. Left Strafe talked a bit about this in one of his videos, and I agree with him.

It’s also intimidating to have to go into PvP with real players first to finalise your character, it means you’re not getting any practise with the character you’ll actually be playing at the end of the day. Is it fair to say that the item you acquire from lore unlocks is a game changer? I think that’s fair. It can change how you play that character.

So even if you practise a lot with bots before going after the lore achievements, you’re going to be practising with a character that’ll be outdated when you get your item. That’s no good.

And until then, you’re also relying on the kindness of randoms to actually carry you while you try to achieve your PvP objectives. All of this might, in time, turn the PvP community toxic. I really wouldn’t want to see that happen.

My solution? Allow bots. Double what you need in bot matches versus real players if you have to, but allow us to do this via bots. By allowing us to earn these things in private matches, we can ultimately get the character we want and practise with them before entering PvP, so we won’t be a massive burden to the team.

I understand Gearbox doesn’t want people to cheese achievements, but like I said, just make them harder versus bots. Double them. Do whatever you have to do but allow bots as a viable alternative to human players. There are many games on the market which allow for bots to be a viable source of progression to actual human players.

I think that by not allowing for this, Battleborn is hurting itself.

I understand why it’s like that, though. I think Gearbox desperately wants this to be an eSports game with a competitive community. It’s not. We’re a bunch of nerds that like silly characters and play wacky heroes because they’re funny. We like the stories and it’s great to goof around in mulitplayer. I’ve asked before, but is that a wrong perception? I’ll find out what people thought the last time I asked that when I get around to checking that thread.

Ultimately? I don’t think the ‘Kill [X] [Person]’ achievements need to go. I think the requirement for actual humans needs to go. It would remove any potential toxicity and allow people to enter PvP fully realised.

Isn’t that better for everyone?


Assist is the only thing i think these need to be gonest, particually for Alani coming out with Ambra kills on a support is a bit urgh

boulders 5 eldrid, thorns volly kill in air, alanis 5 person tidal wave, benedicts the tour, any lore killing x char or lower it to like 5-10 or something lower. tobys double kill lore is hard i heard.
Am questioning Phoebes Blade rush lore but i think i just need to solo so i can get the mobs in the right spot.
if you need help finishing single person lores you can add me Am PSN player same name as my fourm.

Even as a pvp fan, they’re super annoying. Too much is out of your control. And even when the stars align, now I have to sacrifice my team play in order to achieve personal goals?
That seems counter productive for such a team-focused game.
Not to mention! Ambra happens to be one of the harder characters to kill on the opposing team with her overshield/haste escape!
So now I’m left with playing the same character over and over hoping someone on the other team just so happens to play the character I need to kill, sacrificing my team play in order to attempt to kill said difficult-to-kill character as many times as possible, and- if I’m very, very lucky and the opposing player happens to be new/unskilled with said character/have no support from his team- absolutely ruining his/her game time.
None of that seems ideal to me on any level.