"Kill Meg" optional mission - UVHM, using Wilhelm

So in UVHM in my Wilhelm playthrough, every time I attempt the “Kill Meg” optional quest, the same BS happens. I go to the compactor and drop down, but cannot get Meg killed before Nakayama throws his burger wrapper in the trash, accidentally starting it. The timer starts counting down from :45 and he tells me to escape, forgetting the monster. However, the door to the elevator into the gun shop never opens, I can’t find the area where the smaller circle indicates, I can’t seem to jump to the top and out, and looking for the area in the small circle, I just always end up wasting time and getting killed bu the BS compactor…any ideas?

chroniclier of elpis for mod and use laser absolute zero that will kill meg fast also throw grenade at meg quasar shield must be reogenator cause you cant regen health without it unless you have saint out here is a build for cold wilhelm that i use http://thepresequel.com/Wilhelm/055510145515505101505125000000000

I recall the little circle being in a weird place. I can’t really remember where. Although, if this’ll help, even normal vladof cryo grenades and tediore reloads should take Meg down before the compactor comes.