Kill O' the Wisp

This game makes no sense to me sometimes. Like the time I got a shotgun with -140% accuracy and it still had an accuracy of something like 65%.

Anyway, this Kill O’ the Wisp shotgun makes no sense to me either. This weapon shoots a slow-moving orb that shocks enemies that go near it. At one time it stated it would do 9500 shock damage per second. Suddenly this changed to 7500 per second. I’ve seen this many times in this game where weapon stats just randomly change.

But nonetheless, why I’m making this thread is because the damage makes NO SENSE (like so much else in this game). I play Amara and am specced into everything elemental, so I have a good chunk of elemental bonuses, even 20% extra specifically for shock damage. But whenever I shock something with this weapon, it does something like 180 damage per second. So if the weapon states 7500 dps, why do I see only 180? Particularly considering I even have bonuses to elemental damage.

No, it’s not the crappy Mayhem modifiers doing it. Yes, I’ve tried it multiple times. Yes, I’ve even tried different drops of this weapon. It just won’t do the damage that it says on the gun.

And no, I’m not using Infusion, since like everything else in this game, that skill is
either bugged or uses awesome Gearbox logic that overwrites dots.

So what’s the deal?

Yes, it’s called hotfixing.

There’s a difference between projectile damage and damage over time

The number doesn’t mean that amount of damage per second, so it isn’t 7500 DPS.

So something is hotfixed when I drop an item on the ground and it has different stats than when I have it in my inventory?

So hotfixing items occurs randomly in the middle of a play session, and it happens back and forth?

This is not hotfixing causing it. I know what hotfixing is, but this isn’t it.

I know that, but if you look at any weapon with elemental damage, the DOT component is clearly listed on the left side, so not sure what you’re implying here. I’m not talking about the weapon damage. I’m talking specifically about the DOT component that is listed separately on elemental part of the tooltip.

So you’re saying when the tooltip specifically states 14% chance for 7500 dmg/s it isn’t 7500 damage per second? Yeah, that makes sense.

The projectiles have a fairly low chance of applying that DoT, but they are acting as area of effect damage and do a certain amount of the damage specified by the card with constant ticks instead. I don’t know why you’re not seeing the DoT hit hard, because for me I’ve seen 5k ticks with it, which would be getting around its specified DoT dps.

I’ll say this about the gun though. It’s decent for shield-strip on a single enemy, but if you really want to see it do a lot, fire it at a couple dozen enemies, and that’s where it shines. Kill-o-the-Wisp easily clears an entire area of shields.

Also, hotfixes apply to any gun regardless once they’re applied. They only apply when you go online and sit around in the main menu for a minute or so. You’ll know they didn’t apply when you go into the game while online, and then open the start menu and it tells you there are updates that need to be applied and asks you to go back to the main menu.
The hotfixes have to apply every time you start the game.

I’ve been firing this mofo like a madman. Never seen it tick anywhere close to its stated damage. I suppose it’s yet another bug occurring somewhere. Buglands 3 has been great so far. I hope Gearbox gets a QA team in the future.

  1. It is shock damage, which can be reduced against flesh/armor targets.
  2. Dot damage is not the damage of the initial hit.
  3. Dot damage ticks several times a seconds, which amount to the number it deals per second
    you won’t see 7500 damage a second but several smaller ones per second.

Ticks are not equivalent to DoT dps. Usually multiple ticks happen per second. Also, it depends on what type of health you’re hitting. Shields are going to see that damage be even higher than normal, but health and armor are going to be lower because of the way elemental damage interacts with different health types. Then Mayhem mode itself will make your damage a little bit higher or lower too. There’s a lot of variables that are going to affect the damage output of the gun. Unless you are the only person with this bug, the gun’s likely working as intended.

In all your wonderful maths, please tell me how a 7500 dmg/s on the tooltip turns into 180 dmg per tick without using Mayhem modifiers. Please tell me. Don’t forget to add the bonuses from an elemental Amara spec.

Ok, I’m doing some testing right now. What I’ve found is the damage in general from the aura effect of the projectiles is only a fraction of the damage applied by the projectiles when they detonate such as planting them in the ground next to the target. When the projectiles detonate I see 3k which is fairly in line with my tooltip damage. For the DoT, I’ve so far only seen it apply once from the detonation, but it was 1200 damage ticks on TVHM non-mayhem vs red and yellow bars. This is in line with the DoT damage specified on my Kill-o-the-Wisp of 6.3k per second.

So there ya have it. The tooltip is specifying for the damage of the projectiles when they explode, not for their aura/aoe damage. That is looking to be around 25% for damage ticks, and 10-12%ish for applied DoT.

So, if you want maximum damage with the weapon, you’ll be best firing it against a crowd of enemies 20-25m away and letting the orb do its aoe damage, and then detonating on all the enemies at once.

Alright so the thing has to detonate on the target for it to apply. Got it. Thank you.

Gearbox being crystal clear like always.

Anyway, knowing that, the gun will be left on the ground somewhere.

Well, maybe for a Siren yes, but for me as a Zane, it’s brilliant for room-clearing, and benefits greatly from a second projectile being fired. So, I don’t think it’s a bad weapon, but just might not be necessary for your character.

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I have one on my Zane at all times because it’s good for dropping the clone on one side and letting him fire off while I go in and freeze things or Hellwalker them with their shields gone. It’s feckin beautiful on Athenas?! Those battle stages are perfect for Clone Mayhem

If you are specced into “Infusion” on Amara, make sure your action skill element is not set to shock. Infusion is bugged when the gun element and action skill element match. Infusion percentage overwrites the gun’s DoT so it becomes much weaker than it should be.